#1 Engine Of Arizona

#1 Engine Of Arizona

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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello, my name is Armando Guerra Jr. My problem is with #1 Engine of Arizona, 1716 west 10th place, Tempe, Az 85281 (480)968-5985. On March 19, 2003, I took my 1996 Dodge Avenger to number one engine to have the engine overhauled. I learned of their business from an auto trader ad which read engines overhauled starting at 1395.00. The ad also stated that a 5yr 100,000 warranty came with the overhaul of an engine. When I took my avenger in I was quoted a price of 1495.00 plus tax. I asked about the warranty and a guy by the name of Jeramie, who was taking down my info. gave me a sheet of paper that read Limited Warranty of Engine only. The warranty read that pretty much nothing is covered by number one engine if a problem occured. I asked Jeramie what exactly was warrantied, and he said for sure the front and rear seals. He also said that although the warranty was dictated as it was, that they usually take care of their customers if a problem arises. I went ahead and left the car to have the engine overhauled. Jeramie stated that it would probably take a couple of weeks for the job to be completed. After over a month had gone by Jeramie called me on April 22, 2003 and told me that my car was completed. All during this month I had periodically called number one engine to check up on the progress of my car. Excuses ranged from oops your car got skipped in the order in which it was to be worked on, to parts having to be reorderd because wrong parts were sent to them. Although it took over a month, I didn’t mind too much as long as my car was overhauled correctly. When Jeramie called me on 4-22-03, he said that the power steering belt on my vehicle had been jumping off it’s pulley but that it seemed to be ok now and that I could pick it up. My wife and I drove to Tempe from Casa Grande where we reside on this day. When we arrived, I saw an employee of #1 take of in my car at an extremely high rate of speed. I found that strange being that the engine had just been overhauled, caution is usually taken from driving the engines at high speed after an overhaul. Nevertheless, when the car returned the belt was still jumping off. Our trip to retrieve our car on this day was useless. Another part had to be repaired in order to keep the belt from jumping off of it’s pulley. We were sent home on this day, not very happy. On 4-23-03, I received two messages that my car was ready. We picked up the car on 4-24-03. I paid a total of 1646.19. My wife and I were sure to follow the break in rule for the engine after we had picked it up. We did not drive the car over 55mph during this time. On April 29, 2003, just five days after getting the car back, it began to make a tapping or knocking noise from the engine. I contacted Jeramie at #1 engine and asked him if this was normal. He stated that it wasn’t normal and to take the car back to him as soon as possible. So we took the car back on this day. The problem was not found while we were there, so we had to leave it so that #1 engine could trouble shoot more in depth. I called Jeramie again the next day on April 30,2003 to see what the problem was. He stated that I had a blown piston. He stated that one of the pistons had gotten so hot that it began to make the knocking noise that I was describing. I asked him if it would be covered under warranty and he replied “it should be”. On May 01,2003 my wife called #1 engine and spoke to the owner or manager by the name of Dave. She asked what was going on with the car and he replied that we sure raced the engine good enough to blow the piston. My wife told dave that no one had driven this car in high rate of speed during the five days that we had it. Dave insisted that it was our fault and not that of #1 Engine. When asked if it would be covered under their 5yr 100,000 warranty, no definite answer could be given by dave. My wife told Dave that we saw no reason to have to pay again after having the car for just five days, and not mistreating the engine. Dave pretty much told her that it was our fault, but that he would check into it. He told her that he would have to order another piston which would take at least a week to come in. He also stated to her that he would try to find the cause of the problem and call her back in a couple of days. My wife was very unhappy with #1 engine after this phone call. After hearing the news, I called and spoke to Dave, he told me that we had a blown piston and that it was our fault. I told him how could it be our fault after just five days of driving the car using the recommended care for the engine. He replied that he didn’t know and that he was not God to know how it happened, but that we could not expect him to fix it under his warranty. I told him I was not going to come out of pocket again for something that I thought was not our fault. Dave began to act sarcastic over the phone. We told Dave that if needed we would just pick up our car and take the necessary action to try to get this problem solved. Dave stated to me again that he would look into the problem and contact us in a couple of days. Today is May 7,2003 and still no phone call from #1 engine. My question to you is, Do we have a legitimate complaint against #1 Engine of Arizona Haydee Casa Grande, ArizonaU.S.A.

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