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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Took my 2005 Dodge Durango into these clowns in Queens to have them install a set of Air Horns ( that I supplied ) and also to install a set of running light in the lower bumper with stock OEM onesw from Dodge, they also talked me into installing a set of strobes in the headlights ( I supplied ), a Viper Car alarm System ( supplied by me ) and also hard wire my radar and a couple of other mid-life crisis toys in my truck. I use the word lightly as they did not talk me into anything – but this Wilfred character and a guy who says his name is Jay said they could do it all in a day and it was all easy work. I am from Central NJ a two hour drive so this was a great thing to do at one time. Now the story starts, They ripped off my whole front end to install the compressor for the horns, and also had a guy tearing up my dash to install wires I was told. I am not a mechanic and watched all day. 15 hours later, my air horns were in but they had issues with the now bumper ( which the cut huge holes in ) and it did not fit the lights they stated were OEM. I did leave at 9 pm that night with NO bumper and no bumper guard. Horns were working and switches were in – all seemed okay and I had to go back in a week to get the bumper re-installed. A week goes by and now “more” money they stated to finish the work. My bumper came in and looked okay – I was concerned it looked glued ( and later I found out it was ). I now was there again for another 15 hours ( including my travel ) and was told to come back to finish their so-called Authorized DEI Dealer Installation of the complete Viper Alarm, even was told to pay Jay cash to save on tax, and they’d cut me a break – offered me to leave my truck for another day, I could not so I left and had to go one more time to finish the install. Third time back and just wanting it over with and the 1500.00+ I had paid for installation services completed. Again, I paid for every single part they installed. This time they brought some guy in wearing a Black Jacket with a Viper insignia on it and I could not believe that Best Buy installed one in my car a year earlier in 3 hours and I had to spend almost 12 hours this time to finish the install. They even told me my Dodge Durango OEM Chal was not good because they could not program it — so they put a used one from a Jeep in my Dodge truck. Finally after the 12 hours — all seemed to work except I could not use the Smart Start and was told they could not activate it and I would have to go somewhere to get it done. This is where it all started.I went to the Best buy who installed my first Viper Alarm and they confirmed thru DEI that 718 is not an authorized installer and they did not do the job correctly. The tech there did activate the Smart Start part but it would start the vehicle or arm the alarm. I left and took the truck to a local electronics shop and upon investigation they also photographed it noted that there were exposed wiring under my dash, my wiring harness was cut into and damaged. This also caused the strobes that 718 installed to stop working and shorted out the main Viper Alarm module and killed the unit beyond repair, taking along the Smart Start Unit. It is not over yet, it was also noted that the switches for the strobes were double side taped up and not bolted with the screws that came with it ( it has since fallen off and hangs from the dash ). I called multiple times to 718 and the guy Wilfred always stated they were to busy and he’d call back. this is my vehicle and they not only took my money for installation but damaged all the equipment I supplied and now also damaged the complete wiring harness. Oh wait it gets better, the Air horns they mounted up under the front were only tie wrapped in and since one has fallen off and took the air lines with it and also I thank God it did not happen on a highway — a 18″ air horn flying could have killed someone. This is more of the shoddy work they did – so now 600.00 horns are destroyed, and while checking underneath for any loose hoses or wiring to the horns a local mechanic noted the bumper was in fact hot-clued back together where they mounted OEM lights, however now upon taking it to a body shop here it was shown that even the shells that cover the housing are not straight and bulbs could not be changed if I had to as it is all glued together and the adjustment screws that were supposed to be aligned are now behind the crooked housings. At this point they are loose as the weather does not help hot glue.Overall I spent over 1500.00 in installation fees, over 40 hours of my personal time sitting around up there, not to mention the tolls back and forth and gas but now am out of 600.00 air horns, 800.00 in Viper and Smart Start parts, it needs a new bumper cover as the one they ruined is not repairable ( that’s 700.00+ ) the strobe switch at 100.00 and also the wiring harness from Dodge and then to top it off all the labor I am going to have to pay to have this all repaired. Estimates at this point are closing in at 4000.00 worth of damage and monies to replace all the equipment I supplied to them. (Sad is DEI/Viper will not cover the Viper under warranty since 718 is Not authorized to install it ). I tried to do a charge back only to have the so called owner Ajam tell the credit card company they’d fix it – only to tell me different on the phone and Wilfred hung up yet again. This guy Jay called my retail store and yelled at a employee too for not giving my personal phone number to him. This is a real shady operation, who is the real owner, who is their insurance company and why do they lie to customers like myself about the relationships with companies. I witnessed a few things also in my 40+ hours and I keep to myself, but now after this I can only state the NY State Tax Authority should investigate as I witnessed many many cash deals and also are all their employees in a legal work status? I should have left after the first time, but they had my bumper and promised all would be okay — only now to be in all this mess due to their terrible workmanship and damage they have caused.It is now in Civil Court, wish me luck as I sue them for damages and also for the original amount I paid them for this work. It may take time in the NYC Court System, but thanks to my attorney – I have a great shot at recouping all my money and also all damages. I also hope the State of NY looks into this business. In NJ we have laws pertaining to “Theft by Deception” and I sure was lied to – especially by this guy Jay and Wilfred. And who is that old man walking around all the time, could he be the owner, or is it one of the guys I seen in the body shop using card board to fix a fender be the owner. Beware if you go here and at least look around – you’ll see what I mean, hey if even their neighbor ( the transmission shop ) stated to me about their terrible work and he also witnessed my hot glued bumper. Then I guess they are not as good as they state, and their website is full of photos of work they did not even do.

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