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Published: 24 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I was a student of theirs, what a big mistake. It was the worst time of my life! I did not learn anything, I am actually taking extra classes somewhere else to learn properly. The teachers are lazy and useless, the classrooms are a joke, nobody cares about the students there. As soon as you pay the tuition everything changes. I think the owners belong to the Russian Mafia. They are very shady and sneaky people. I have seen them yelling, screaming and threatening people. The owners are very scary and intimidationg. You cant have a proper conversation with them because they get angry very quickly and start yelling at you. They make you pay for every little thing, that other schools include for free. They will never help you or support you with assignments or course material. They just give you a book and tell you to read it on your own. They never review the information with you. This is 100% a business, it is not a school! They teachers are rude and will make you feel stupid if you ask questions. The whole place has a very tense and negative atmosphere. Everyone is miserable and hates being there. All of my classmates hated being there. No one was happy with the school. One girl would actually cry every night after classes because the teachers and owners were so mean to her. They have a very bad reputation in the dental hygiene industry. The “School”” is very small and crowded. Its always loud and busy and there is no quiet space to study. It always smells like food and coffee. It is very unprofessional. You never feel like you are in a dental office. The teachers try to finish their classes as soon as they can because they are in a rush to get the hell out of there! Also

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