AAMCO c o Pearl River Transmission

AAMCO c o Pearl River Transmission

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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We took our car to the local dealership for a diagnostics test as the transmission was starting to act funny for no apparent reason. After we got a quote to replace the transmission we decided to look into rebuilding it, and went to a local AAMCO shop. We were met by Chris the owner and he advised that they could rebuild the transmission, and said that they could start on it immediately but would not have an idea of the extent until the next day or so. I asked him for a written estimate of the work and he said he wouldnt know that until he looked at the transmission. After a few days we spoke and he advised that it would be 800.00 to take it apart and start the work, and that he estimated the job to be around $2,200.00 dollars which would include the standard rebuild kit. He also advised that price could be reduced a little if we were to pay him in cash – a point that was stressed several times, and should have been a clear indication. He advised however that the $800.00 required to start the job would be included into the overall costs if we proceeded with the job and that all he needed was a verbal ok to start. After about a week I got a call which advised that the damages were greater than what was originally advised, because the hydraulic fluid had burnt out and fried several components. He indicated that it would be an additional $2,000.00 or so, so I asked him to get the car ready as I was going to pick the car up from him he said that would be $1,800.00 to take the car in the condition it was. Keep in mind I drove the car there, and there was no actual puddle of fluid ever under the car.. so I went to his shop as I was starting to get nervous about what BS I was receiving. As I stood in the office waiting to talk to Chris he was on the phone yelling at another unexpected victim giving them the same line about the burnt hydraulic fluid and the added costs of the additional damage. I was thinking to myself this must be a coincidence, so when he got off the phone and we went to the shop to inspect the actual transmission and after a somewhat charged discussion I made a partial payment as he advised the car would be ready in a few days. After another week and a half went by and endless calls with greatly exaggerated and more invariably unrelated explanations of what was going wrong Chris advised that his mechanic who works on these foreign cars had just returned from Florida, which clearly brings in the question as to who was working on it before?? Regardless, the run around didnt end there. After another series of days of more irrational explanations as to what was going wrong with the car, I decided to make an appearance at the shop, and surprisingly enough the car was again on their jack and the mechanic had the lower cover plate off, as they had apparently driven the car and damaged the clutches or so Chris said. The next week Chris advised that the problem had been isolated to the TCM and that the transmission was not getting the right signals because the TCM and wheel sensors where bad as well as the rear brakes. He then had the car towed to the local dealer on a flatbed for them to replace the front wheel sensors, which they did and then towed the car back to AAMCO.after a few more days Chriss son had advised that everything was running fine and that they had managed to program the computer, test drove the car and that it was as good as new. He indicated the car should spend the night to make sure that when the car was run the next day after reprogramming the transmissions computer that it would all check out. I was getting anxious as we were without the car for almost a month at this point. During the morning hours I got a call from the secretary telling me that they had the car towed back to the dealer as there was a new electrical problem that now manifested itself and was again sending the wrong signal to the transmission! I was dismayed as Chris [son] told me they had finished with the car it all checked out and that all they needed to do was allow the computer to reset itself overnight. We went to the dealership that night to get their take on all of what had been occurring and to give us their read on the entire line of BS we had been receiving. They ran yet another diagnostic on the vehicle to discover there were new issues that the car didnt have before it went to the AAMCO transmission, that the issues now being discovered by them would be another 3K to repair, but could be ignored and would not affect the general operation of the vehicle in a safe manner. We asked them if that would affect the transmission, and they advised the transmission was already programmed, and that they had test driven the car and felt it was go to go.Again this is the GM at the dealer telling us that the car appeared to have been repaired and properly programmed. We decided that the car was not going to go back to AAMCO since they had apparently done the repairs and were only stalling for time to who knows what, the issue is that more damage was evident than when first brought to them, and I was not ready to haul the car back to someone I really couldnt believe anymore. We couldnt just take the car from the dealer without settling with AAMCO and did so over the phone by paying them with a CC at which time they seemed more than happy to be paid and not really concerned with the condition of the vehicle. So we drove the car home, and managed to drive the car for a few days..and then the car wouldnt go into drive.and the car is worse now than when I first brought it to AAMCO. I obviously stopped payment on the CC and am currently fighting with this cockroach at AAMCO about the condition of the vehicle. Apparently Chris after a week of us having the car back and stopping payment started calling and leaving all kinds of colorful messages, and in fact was very rude in advising us that they were not going to replace or repair the transmission that it was supposed to be taken back to them on a flat bed. In fact Chris, after being advised by the CC company of the dispute, advised us that his mechanic had left a wire harness inside the transmission and that we needed to tow it back to them so that they could fix the problem After that he seemed to cool down a little and then said he needed the car back and that he then understood from talking to the Manager at the dealership that the problem was between AAMCO and the dealer, and that he would resolve the issues by re-fixing the car and deal with them after he had the vehicle back to resolve the issues. Can you say Cockroach? The facts to me are very clear, this guy needs to be shut down he is a crook, and has deceitful commercial practices a real BS-er = a liar! Be aware and take your car anywhere else other than to AAMCO in Pearl River

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