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Published: 27 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

So i got hired as a tutor for this company, first off the orientation was overbooked, originally set for 8AM on a saturday, (i was told it would take 4 hours).. Got placed into the 12:00 orientation instead, which lasted a total of about 8 hours (unpaid… ended up paying babysitter full pay instead of what was originally arranged).. I had no problem with the students i worked with but after only getting paid for 8 hours i started to focus more on my other job…which was paying the debts i was getting myself into by working with lwl. The parents would call at all sorts of hours and so would the AA workers to see if i was still gonna tutor there kids so i agreed too but lwl still hasnt paid me.. in total i completed 102 hours and only got paied for about 8 of them!!! let me note that my students increased from a 14% to 75% in their work and grades thanks to me. long story short, if you are gonna work for this company, get ready to spend money, be on hold with customer service, and make 8 copies of everthing (since they lose everthing) Or better yet safe yourself from this hassel

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