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Adorable Creations

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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Beware of of Pricilla at Adorable Creations in Statesboro, Ga. She is selling all her adult bulldogs and you do NOT get what you pay for. The pictures are altered on her website. She makes them look of good quality by morphing the pictures to make the faces look flatter and the bodies look shorter then they really are. We put a 1/3 down on three adult female English bulldogs. My friend gave her his credit card number over the phone. She said nothing about any extra fee’s. When we got to her home, the dogs we placed deposits on did not even look like the ones for sale on her website. None of her dogs looked of good quality like the pictures. We talked to her and asked if we could apply the money $4,000 toward one of the other dogs she had for sale. And told her we did not want any of the others we had picked from the photos because they did not look like the same dogs. She obviously was not happy. We would not have gotten any but she had our money and we were afraid we would lose it. So we go inside her house and she says she wants the $6,000 cash for the dog and she would refund the $4,000 instead of us just giving her another $2,000 in cash. When she printed the refund receipt she would not give it to us until we gave the $6,000. So we gave the money and after she had it she said she wanted another $423.00 for sales tax. She never mentioned any extra fee. She already had our $6,000 so we had no choice but to give her more cash. Then when I looked at the receipt she had charged around $280 more on the credit card then my friend authorized. So long story short we paid $6,700.00 for a dog that is poor quality with a long nose and long body. So it was even $700 over asking price. So if you are thinking of buying a bulldog from her you better not put anything down without going and looking first. If you pay and have one shipped to you then you might not get the one in the picture that you are expecting. I really think the pictures are of other dogs but did not take any when I was at her home to compare to her website.

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