Adrian Freedman Santo Daime Church

Criminal Drug Trafficking and Witness Tampering, Legal Problems, Defaming Witnesses as Mentally Ill Peodophiles, Threats of Violence, Lying to Public Ministries, Police Investigations, Prohibition of Santo Daime

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Published: 29 December 2020

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Adrian Freedman was behind a campaign of malice against those called to give evidence in Court and was caught out telling tales, lying and fabricating victim stories whilst organizing threats of murder and violence. That is as a man known to the Serious Crimes and Anti Terrorist Police in London after being caught defrauding Customs and Excise and being arrested with 85 kilos of Class A substances.

That breaking the law, with intent, includes the trafficking in Class A drugs and smuggling drugs on an international scale in defiance of the authorities, the Courts and the police, as well as obstructing justice and organizing the serious intimidation of witnesses, including threats of murder and violence. Adrian Freedman by proxy tried to fob off several witnesses in Court cases with threats, lies or tales of being wrongly victimized and arranged for others to post nasty slander to try and shut up witnesses in Court cases or those helping police in their investigations into cross-border drug smuggling.

Also involved in abusing babies and children by dosing them with drugs, they were involved in lying to cover up the truth about threatening to cripple witnesses to Courts and then poking fun at them, slandering them as mentally sick and deranged ill peodophiles.

Later it was arranged to add witnesses to Court cases to gay porn sites in violation of GDPR, some of the sites were gay porn sites featuring underage boys and it was done by friends of Freedman dealing in LSD, DMT concentrates, hashish and big bags of weed.

Hiding Drug Traffickers, 14 kilos cannabis, LSD tabs, Homosexual Pedophile slander, Johannes Maasland

Adrian Freedman found it hilarious and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with 356 counts of nasty humiliation, he stopped laughing when he lost all his Court cases and police started smashing doors in finding banned substances and dragging people away in handcuffs. They stopped laughing after his friends had to do prison time for trafficking in substances.

Involvement in Trafficking Drugs, Arrests at Festivals, 40 litres of Ayahuasca confiscated in Paris, Mocking Witnesses to Courts as Mentally Sick.

Gabriela Dworecki Domingues, a member of the UK Santo Daime Church stopped laughing when she was caught out helping out in the crime of international drug trafficking, organizing illicit substance retreats and attempting to humiliate or intimidate people wrongly blamed for police raids at Adrian Freedman’s Summer Camps. She was ratted out for setting up gatherings in various countries and importing banned substances for Adrian Freedman from Brazil whilst being a sponsor of nasty harassment of those helping the authorities, Courts and the police to stop Freedman trafficking in banned substances. Gabriela Dworecki Domingues was caught out trying to discredit a witness to Court as a mentally retarded criminal, a spastic and a peodophile.

She alluded to she had mental health problems after being an advocate of the use of many substances that led to various high profile deaths and suicides leading the authorities to outlaw Santo Daime.

Adrian Freedman and Gabriela Dworecki Domingues were unable to muster up enough support to denounce a Court witness to substance dealing as a mentally sick and deranged peodophile and instead had to dissolve the organisation known as the Santo Daime Church.

Criminalization of Santo Daime, Defeat in Supreme Court, Drug Trafficking, Threats to Murder, 400 Counts Witness Tampering

In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime.

Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries. Adrian Freedman was behind a campaign of malice against those called to give evidence in Court and was caught out telling tales, lying and fabricating victim stories whilst organizing threats of murder and violence.

Ben Meeus and Adrian Freedman were condemned as drug trafficking criminals and made an example out of after joking that witnesses could be murdered, defamed as pedophiles or subjected to vile malice whilst high on ayahuasca and cannabis. Adrian Freedman, buddy of Ben Meeus, was behind a 30 month campaign of premeditated hatred and malice against witnesses in judicial proceedings and had to stop or face indictment in the Crown Court, followed by prison.

Involvement in Threatening Witnesses, Criminalization of Ayahuasca, Defaming Witnesses as Homosexual Pedophiles

Adrian Freedman of Adrian Freedman Music learned that threatening to smear people online is not smart. No-one with a police record for drug trafficking and being involved in importation of Class A’s into the UK and across borders wants to be threatening people with violence, or with being smeared online as criminals or threatening witnesses by proxy with being defamed as mentally sick rapists.

Adrian Freedman was the criminal mastermind behind the 2010 Customs and Excise operation in the United Kingdom that impounded quantities of Class A drugs and involved the Serious Crimes and Anti-Terrorist Group based in London. The charge was Fraudulently Evading Prohibition on a Banned Substance and in 2017 the UK High Court denied Santo Daime legitimacy to import Class A drugs into the UK on airplanes and in the mail.

Threats to Murder Witnesses in Police Investigations, Companies House Tax Fraud, Supplying Class A Drugs, Defaming Witnesses as Peodophiles

Adrian Freedman had to close down the bank accounts of the Santo Daime Church in the UK and was warned to expect a 20 year tax audit and having to pay back to HMRC many thousands in taxes on undeclared revenue after the organization was caught lying to Companies House in the United Kingdom, signing false tax declarations and fiddling the books. It was dissolved in September 2018.

Recommendations were made to avoid the scandal, the response from one of the key members of the Santo Daime Church was that he would be murdered, killed or sent to hospital. Others in the Santo Daime Church decided to say that he was a (censor) and a (censor), and was a homosexual (censor) and a (censor) and would be killed, finished off, (censor) and (censored). The one threatened with murder offered peace terms, as well as suggestions to spare their practice from prohibition, but was sneered at, (censored) at, called a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor)-bag as well as a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) and told that he would be murdered, crippled or (censored) or labelled as a (censor) of (censor).

All involved, some whilst jumping police bail under false names, were assisted by the Santo Daime Church to post threats of violence and murder, or disgusting abuse. He stopped laughing when they realized smoking weed and mocking people threatened with violence and other nasties is not clever if your Facebook friends pages lists dates and times for authorities to bash doors in looking for weed and Ayahuasca. Police smashed doors in of the aggressors finding big bottles of ayahuasca, sacks of weed, LSD, other banned substances and arrested people for trafficking in the substance.

Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus was warned to expect Santo Daime criminalization in each and every one of the 26 EU Schengen Zone countries along with a permanent bar denying them entry to Europe. In the run up to a hearing in the European Court of Human Rights unnamed members of Ben Meeus’s organization named Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria wrote to various witnesses and bad mouthed them, slagging them off, insulting them, posting threats of violence and murder, implying they were sick retards and liars whilst copying the European Court of Human Rights in some of the emails.

Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus stopped laughing when his Santo Daime Church was struck down by the curse of prohibition as he was warned and his friends involved in smuggling drugs into Europe were arrested. Adrian Freedman went to Paris to play music in August 2019 and decided to sponsor the mocking of a Court witness with taunts of being maliciously defamed as a sick rapist and a peodophile, as well as threats of serious data violations, violence and murder against those assisting police.

Adrian Freedman was referred to the EU Schengen Zone border authorities for inclusion onto a DO NOT ADMIT list.

The application cited criminal histories and stated intentions to import prohibited substances throughout the EU Schengen Zone.

He was warned to expect their visa applications to be DENIED in 2021 post-Brexit and were advised to permanently cancel all pre-arranged music festivals and ayahuasca ceremonies Europe-wide.

The Santo Daime Church in its legal standing throughout Europe was totalled beyond repair and Adrian Freedman was told his cause was beyond help after he was involved in threatening to murder witnesses in criminal judicial proceedings and then inciting malicious hatred. He was told he was unlikely to see the fulfilment of his dream in his lifetime to free the Santo Daime sacrament from persecution, a tough punishment for a leader that prided himself on arrogance and hubris. Adrian Freedman was warned to expect Santo Daime criminalization in each and every one of the 26 EU Schengen Zone countries along with a permanent bar denying him entry to Europe.

Adrian Freedman was served with formal Cease and Desist notices as well as Article 21 GDPR 2018 notices and were ordered to pay (£155, 000) in legal claims in relation to criminal harassment from the organization known as The Santo Daime Church.

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