Advantage Ultra Service Center-Bob Songalio

Advantage Ultra Service Center-Bob Songalio

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On August 23, 2000 Bob Songalio of Advantage Ultra Service Center, performed work on a 1991 Mercury Sable to repair hose that had just broke that morining. Mr. songalio informed the owner, Michael, that his “expertise” recommended a diagnostic test of the radiator system in order to check the rest of the hoses. He further said if this test wasn’t done and the car left and another hose broke “I don’t want to know anything”. It then was agreed that he would check the rest of the car to prevent any immediate failures of the cooling system. The car was picked up later that day and driven from his shop to Wallingford. When returning home the car would not go into park because he had tied a hose blocking the linkage in the transmission. Also the car started to overheat again causing another hose to break. The car was brought to another mechanic and after review found that he had unplugged the radiator fan causing for the second overheat, indeed blocked the linkage and charged me for a test that doesn’t exist. I attempted to resolve the situation by having him simply fix your mistakes but you didn’t want to take responsibility for any of your negligent and/or fraudulent actions. I have reason to believe that the work Bob Songalio did to my car was in order to sabotage the vehicle. He wanted the car to overheat down again increasing the chance of serious internal damage to the engine. Also his attempt of blocking the linkage was to make it look like car had suffered damage to the transmission.

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