Aesthetic Medical Educators Training

Aesthetic Medical Educators Training Review

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Published: 03 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Aesthetic Medical Educators Training Aesthetic Medical Educators Training, Texas, Rip Off, Total Scam, Fraud, False Advertising Austin Texas!!

I just returned from what I believe was going to be an intensive, u201call inclusiveu201d weekend training event in Botox and Dermal Filler. I am a nurse practitioner in practice for more than 14 years. I work with a physician who operates a busy medical spa so this training was very important to me. This was advertised by the Aesthetics Medical Educators Training as the most intensive program available compared to all the others. I didnu2019t pay for the course but I was the one who did all the research and my doctor paid for all of this, including my travel and hotel. I feel horrified and responsible because I told him this was the best course out there, based on the website. He trusted my judgment. Next time I am going to look for videos from people who actually attended the course, not just what I read in print. They have a detailed package explaining why they are different and how much better their training is. The course was a complete joke, I feel violated and ripped off that I believed their advertising. The instructor was poorly trained himself and when he talked about Botox Cosmetic, he was not able to intelligently compare the product to either Xeomin or Dysport, which they advertise we would also receive training on. They had comparison charts but,when asked about one of the products, the instructor told me to u201cjust look in the booku201d, itu2019s all there. The other students in the class were equally surprised by the ridiculous, retarded answers this instructor continued to give the students. It became clear during the didactic training that the instructor just memorized the slides and was not qualified to teach others. They advertised that their instructors are experienced and top notched plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other experts, but the instructor we have should not be teaching anything in Aesthetics. The hands on in the afternoon was a ZOO! They spent more time trying to collect fees from the volunteers and get them organized then with teaching the students in the class. I learned very little during the hands on because it was too crowded, unorganized, too loud and most importantly, the instructor himself was NOT QUALIFIED to teach and knew very little. I left with none of the u201cpearlsu201d that they talk about in their website. I doubt whether or not the instructor even practices Aesthetics at all in his practice. What a waste of time, and money, the courses were not cheap either, Thanks a lot Aesthetic Medical Educators Training for the rip off course you deliver.

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