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Published: 08 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

My story about AFF Electronics aka Colorado Springs Service Center and the owners Frank and Annette Franke is like the ones submitted earlier but thanks to everyone who wrote their stories before me, I was aware, madder than a rattlesnake, persistent, and managed to retrieve my TV from these low life gypsies. I was sweet as can be despite my feelings of rage. I had to con a con man to find them and get my TV. Here is their new address: 1216 Hartford St. Take I-25 South, Exit South Academy, get to the right and Exit immediately at Hartford Street, turn right and look fro 1216. They’re on the left with a Black Durango (with an Obama sticker on the center back) parked in the driveway License 161 @ SSG. Phone #(719) 434 4855. She lies! Frank’s there! Frank’s e-mail is [email protected] Annette’s email is [email protected] My story: When my TV stopped working I looked in the DEXonline pages and found a 5 star, highly rated, TV repair advertisement that stated they repaired my brand and model of TV. They advertised under the name of Colorado Springs Service Center. I took my TV in and they said that they would need to order a new board and that I needed to give them a check for a $350 deposit. When I tried to call, the phone number on the receipt didn’t work, so I called the one listed in DEX. Every week I left messages and in the beginning I got a call back. I was told they were waiting on a part. A few weeks later I was informed that they decided to try to fix it instead of ordering parts. Every time I got a returned call there was another reason for the delay. Then 3 weeks went by with no return calls! When I did get a return call, Frank said he needed my remote to test his repairs. He was supposed to come at 6:00 and came at 9:00pm and took my remote. Another 2 weeks and no returned calls! In the mean time I was calling and not getting anyone to answer, leaving messages every few days. At one point the recording stated that the business I had reached was AFF Electronics’. That meant the business name had changed!! This didn’t sound good. I looked at the detail behind the 5 star rating in the phone book and found several very negative ratings saying that they were NOT getting calls returned and couldn’t get in contact to get their televisions. The positive ratings didn’t look legitimate. I was getting concerned because now this place has my expensive TV AND the remote. What next? Another week went by and I tried calling them and the recorded message was gone! In it’s place is a message stating that this number could not take messages. I was upset and felt robbed! So I went online and googled AFF Electronics. Sure enough they’re on with stories of people who NEVER got their TV’s back and never could get a hold of them. I also read about a motel owner who said they lived at his motel and caused him problems. That article was new at that time! Now I knew I was in trouble. I drove to their old location in an industrial rental on the far south side of Colorado Springs. They weren’t there, and their neighbors said that they were being evicted. I talked to the landlord who confirmed that story, and said there were TV’s in the rental space and that the police had been looking for them. I wasn’t able to find out anything else. I looked at my 2 month old deposit receipt and tried the number that wasn’t working in the beginning. To my surprise and delight, Frank’s wife Annette answered! I had to rescue my TV and I didn’t trust that these people were willing to give it back. In desperation, I told Annette that I had another TV that Frank needed to repair and would like to drop it off. She said that I could come by tomorrow and gave me the address of the house they were just now moving in to. I called the police and gave them the address in case they were looking for them. I also found out that if their was a warrant for their arrest and they got arrested, that my TV would get locked away for an unknown period of time. I was at the Franke’s house at 9:30AM the very next morning asking for my TV. He said to come back in 2 hours and he would have it. I stayed out front in my car for 15 minutes and they must have felt uncomfortable so they invited me in. I sat listened to one elaborate story after another. They have 3 small kids ages 4, 3, and 1 that they supposedly adopted from his drug addicted sister. These kids don’t look like each other in any way what so ever. I wonder if they’re lying about where these kids came from. They told me that they used to have beautiful leather couches and bedroom furniture but the county made them leave all their belongings behind, even their dishes, because their last rental house turned out to be a meth lab. I had read an addition article to one of the ripoff articles about AFF Electronics by a motel owner who said they were liers which was dated just prior to my visit. This probably means they had just moved out of the motel and into this rental house, and all the stories about the furniture and the county were probably lies. Now I’m believing that this couple tells very elaborate lies! Their wild stories poured out of their mouths unnecessarily and in such abundance! Why tell a stranger such shameful personal storiesin front of the children? Sick!! As I sat in their kitchen listening to them, 2 hours came and went and no TV. Then he said he had a business appointment at 3:00 and had to drop off the kids before he could go!!! I would be out of luck. It became apparent that he did not have a drivers license and that she was his driver. Makes you wonder what happened to his drivers license. If only he had shared THAT story!. I told him that I’m here, I’ve waited for it, and I want my TV now. He promised to drive it to my house ( an hour drive ) and deliver it at 5:00PM. He knew I wasn’t happy, but what could I do? I hadn’t eaten in 13 hours so I drove home hungry, weak, and empty handed. At 4:45 he called and said that my TV didn’t fit in his car with the 3 kids in car seats. I said that I’d be there asap. So I drove clear down to southern Colorado Springs AGAIN and got my TV. It took all day, a day off work, and lots of long hungry trips, but I finally got it back in pieces. I saw lots of TV’s in his shop when I helped carry mine out. All of the work benches where taken apart and several varieties of TV’s, all valuable, were on the floor. He complained about how his ‘workers’ did such a makeshift job of taking the benches apart and not leaving room to walk. I’m betting he said that to impress me by making it sound like people actually work for him and get paid! He is such a pathetic excuse for a man. Some people never learn that simply being a decent, honest, hard working, and kind human being is how one gains respect. Funny how my TV was the ONLY ONE in pieces! I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t take it apart that very afternoon for SHOW! I know where they live!!! Not disclosed, ColoradoU.S.A.

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