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Published: 06 August 2022

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Typical of the attitude and behavior of 2 narcissistic people, William u201cBillu201d Wylie of Palm Harbor Florida and Alan Ou2019Grady of Roseville California and Winter Springs Florida defrauded me and 20 others out of $200 Thousand for their own self deserving interests. After impatiently waiting nearly 2 years beyond the 90 days my investors and I were led to believe we would receive a return on our investment, I have decided to make this report so as to help others avoid the despicable behavior of William u201cBillu201d Wylie and Alan O’Gradyu2019s narcissism and most certain loss of money, time and energy these two are known for sucking out of people for their own selfish interests. Iu2019ve known Wylie and his family since around 1994 and believing people can change and even after years of repeatedly being taken advantage of, I trusted Wylie again which only lead to my biggest loss of all to him. Wylie promotes win / win relationships however, the experiences I and others have had with Wylie is completely contrary to what he promotes. When business goes good, Wylie is front and center to reap more than his fair share of the rewards however, when business is anything but good, Wylie runs the other direction and does everything to protect himself from sharing in the losses. Whatu2019s most discerning of all is that, people like Wylie, Ou2019Grady and others Iu2019ve had the displeasure of being ripped off by, lack the ability to show empathy and instead, actually play the victim card when theyu2019re the ones that avoided harm or actually victimized others. This is classic narcissism and I strongly suggest everyone to learn about this horrible phycological infliction and do everything possible to avoid these extremely toxic people. Wylie currently owes friends and family large sums of money from business ventures gone bad which is evident from lawsuits that have been filed against him and he has lost. After years of being friends and doing business in real estate and supporting Wylie in his fuel economy boosting products business, which have all cost me and other tens of thousands of dollars in losses while Wylie profits in the end, Wylie joined forces with another like minded individual, Alan Ou2019Grady, and convinced me to partner with them in an investment which cost me and 20 others over $200 Thousand in losses while Wylie and Ou2019Grady had no monetary risk nor took any responsibility in the losses even after they promoted the investment as a risk free opportunity. The basic agreement was that Wylie, Ou2019Grady and I was to invest $200 Thousand into an attorney escrow account which the funds were to be held and protected against loss. The funds were to be used for securing a Bank Guarantee (BG) which was to be used for trade and within 90 days, generate sufficient amount of capital to fund a loan for the amount of $6 Million which was to be split 50 / 50 between Wylie and I. Ou2019Gradyu2019s profits were coming from additional income the trade generated which was never disclosed. Having several people wanting to invest in the proposed SAFE and high profit trade, 20 people entered into an agreement with me to invest a portion of the $200 Thousand needed for the trade. In the end, it was only the 20 people I knew and I who contributed 100% of the funds for the investment with Wylie and Ou2019Grady not investing a dime. After the 90 day period passing by, the excuses began to fly and the time between updates became longer and longer until it was just too much of an inconvenience for Wylie or Ou2019Grady to answer the questions the 21 people, who trusted them their money, had in regards to the loss of the money that was supposed to be safely held in an attorney escrow account. Iu2019m an incredibly intense and relentless person and I hold people accountable for their actions including the promises made to others. After the frivolous complaints by Wylie of me interrupting his dinner or his daughters cheer practice, Wylie blocked my emails, texts and phone calls just showing the $200 Thousand loss to the investors and a more than 20 year friend wasnu2019t a concern to him. Wylie and Ou2019Grady would have been more than happy to have collected the large payouts I and the other investors expected however they didnu2019t want anything to do with the losses which is believed to be due to intentional fraud being perpetrated in the beginning by Wylie and Ou2019Grady. Both have denied my repeated requests to be told who the attorney is who held the $200 Thousand which leads me and the other investors to believe Wylie and Ou2019Grady took the funds and conveniently excused themselves from taking any responsibility for the losses by blaming me for my relentless pursuit to know the truth. Since many of the investors couldnu2019t afford to take the loss they incurred and the investment was to be safe from risk, I decided to return the investment capital to each of the investors which in total, this endeavor has cost me well over $200 Thousand in losses not to mention a great deal of time, energy and relationship losses. Business and investments come with their fair share of risk and losses and anyone pursuing the rewards of being a business owner and or investor should be willing to accept them. However, thereu2019s no reason why people like Wylie, Ou2019Grady or others should not be held accountable for taking advantage of others who risk and suffer losses without taking responsibility for their fair share or at least disclosing this before hand. If you come across these two and they offer you anything from changing oil in your car to a financial transaction, All I can suggest is for you to run, not walk, the other direction or be prepared to lose whatever money, time, energy and possibly relationships you invest into whatever theyu2019re promoting. If you would like more information on these 2 people and the history I have with them, please contact me at [email protected],com or call me ar 727.474.1463 Richard Olson

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