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Published: 04 December 2020

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Her first email It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return,but whats more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel. i really hope to find love in here,kindly drop your email if you think we can get to know each other better or you think we can work things out. -Alice Hi,I can’t drop any info here on cl, so please you gotta drop your email for a better conversation,the Craigslist responses don’t always work and check junk email. Thanks. Alice Thanks for getting back in touch with me as it actually makes me feel happy finding a new friend , I’m writing in hopes to you,which will provide you a good understanding of who I am? I’m serious about establishing a quality friendship with someone honest and caring like you, I seldom contact anyone in here, so you can be rest assured I’m serious about my intentions as I’m here for real. Your picture is cute.I’m a single lady of 27 years old with no kids,I`m 5`7″140 with an athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, looking for a honest and sincere man that i can trust forever. I’m into taking long walks to where ever it leads me.I’m also a lady that likes to spend time talking to see whats on each others mind because communication is very important in a friendship. I`m mentally stable, physically fit,caring,trusting,honest,respectful,and have love for a friendship or beyond, I’m not looking to get hurt or hurt the man . if a man asks me a question i will always tell the truth and i expect the same cos that’s the way i was brought up as a Christian. i have a lovely family that a lot of people don’t have today. i like traveling to the Bahamas where my parents have a time shared. I’m a family girl that would like to find that one man that would sweep me off my feet even if it took years to find the right one i could wait but as the future get older the days comes and go more quickly as I’m reminded of how much more fun it would be to find the right person to share life’s journey with,i don’t play games with people I know there is an age difference between us but i don’t care for age and distance difference. I’m here to give out love to that man that deserve it and will return the true love to me. Got some questions for youHave you ever been in a LTR and did you enjoy having that feeling of security?What is love to you?Do you think this relationship will work good for us ?What do you feel is the most important in a relationship? More to know,my dad was a great man which before i lost him some years back and even a lot with my mum because i learn cooking and dancing from her that is why I’m a bit special LOL, she is a good cook and also a good mama. I’m on internet to give a try for a serious relationship not a game player,i started to learn golf recently so praying to be more active in it. I had been to Germany twice when my father was till alive in 2003 then in his Auto Mobile Trading which is from Germany to Africa mostly. I can not think of anything else to write now, I will send another email later.Sincerely Alice!!! Hi,thanks for the videos. It’s really good to read from you again, I’m new to this and its hard sometime to find someone you trust and I’m so excited with the answers you gave to my questions,it really did provide me a good understanding of who I’m to be friends with,one of my biggest beliefs is trust and honesty in everyone i know; because if i can’t trust you I can’t be around you.You sound like someone I’m looking for so far you sound almost perfect. Don’t get me wrong when I say almost it’s only been a couple of emails. But I can’t wait to get to know you more and some where down the road get to spend some time with you and really get to know you. If you are looking for a generous, kind,and emotionally secure woman, then I may be your match. Love to me is understanding where your partner is coming from. That you know there is always someone waiting for you. Love is seeing your mate and feeling like you can’t wait to be in their arms again. Love is as simple as a soft caress as you pass in the hall letting the other know that you belong to them and want them. The most important in a relationship for me is trust and communication. I am a confident and driven person who tries to enjoy life to the fullest. I enjoy setting/reaching goals both personally and professionally. I have been described as multifaceted and well rounded with many interests. I enjoy staying fit and active with cycling and running. I’m secure with who I am, i try to always keep the work / personal balance in check. I have a sense of outdoor adventure and love to travel whether it is scuba diving in the Caribbean or losing myself on the streets of a new city, I enjoy taking in new cultures and seeing new places.Alice! It’s nice to read from you soon and it’s glad to know more about you, want to tell this that I’m the only child of my parents, my parents has lived in Denmark and Poland due to my father’s job,mama told me that when i was a kid before moving down to United State and my mom moved to Europe due to some couple issues which my parent have never told me about. My dad retired from the State Department and my mom is also retired as a School Teacher,she taught me mathematics that made me a lizard LOL which made me choose accounting when I was in school Hahaa. I moved along with my dad to United State here cos he is a lovely and caring dad,he started his International trading here in United State to Africa after his retirement from the United State Department in 1996. your name, having your parents by your side is great,but i lost my father too soon which made me moved to Europe after his lost due to the fact that i have to take good care of NORA my mom. What brought me back here in US was an advise given to me by my mother to go into a business and also she will like to know my man to be and she wants me to get married here as my wish. I don’t have any free time to have fun than to make my mother feel better by showing up my man to be for marriage and to see her grandchild which she has been disturbing me for over couple of years now due to the early death of my father. My mom really want to know Mr right for me . Few months now things have been tough, i lost my job of which i worked as Customer Service Rep, thankfully i have a new gainful employment plan to be an International Trader of buying and selling of art works which my father was a distributor of used trucks into Africa before the incident of the pipeline explosion took his life. I gained a lot of experience from him,my mother gave me advise to go into buying and selling as well not to loose my father’s property despite the fact that his warehouse was burnt, but the Government did mention about a compensation for us and to get an update about the compensation money,i will write you more about this soon in next message if you are curious to know. Initially, you could wonder what a pretty girl is doing on internet dating site right? Yes cos i haven’t found any serious relationship and to let my mother know that I’m serious about this marriage i have to give internet a try,i have helped and done enough out for men, but they bare all ingrates, all i could have from them is a heart break! But i see all i go through in life is challenges, am not after MAN’S BEAUTY,WEALTH NOR MONEY but HIS HEART BEAT OF LOVE. I’m just tired of being single not having someone to talk to,have dinner with,watch TV and fight over the remote control, baby i will never hit you with the frying pan LOL,hope we will have a lot in common and our souls come together? What I’m asking of you, is to be honest about what you are looking for. I’m not good with those apps but I’ll try to get it on my phone.Got more questions out here againI love animals,do you ? Tell me your feeling about animals.?What is your favorite Restaurant? Tell me why ?Do you smoke, drink, or do any drugs? (Not that it will change the way I think about you).Alice. What a story,I’m sorry you had to experience such things at such a young age and i remember that you said you have ADHD in your post but i want you to know that all it does not bother me. I’ve never gone this far with any one on Internet before but you seem to be so loving with your caring words,my favorite food is Pancakes bacon and eggs so i like taco bell and also McDonald as everyone but i usually don’t dine in many restaurants as I’m a great cook as my mom, BABY CAN I HAVE MORE CONFIDENT IN YOU, BY GIVING OUT MY HEART TO YOU,ALSO MY PHONE NUMBER TO YOU ? I have a Chihuahua , her name is Suline. I don’t drink,smoke or do any kind of drugs. You really keep my mind at calm of trusting you with my whole life, I need to tell you this,unfortunately i lost my father and this is a little story of my life i don’t get to talk about, and would appreciate it if you could keep it as secret in your heart not to tell anyone,promise? I lost my dad so soon,I’ve been a very strong lady,worked hard to get my goals and my dreams ever since my father’s death , I don’t depend on anyone for help, i miss my dad cos of the courage and the advice he used to give to me, he is a good man. As you know my mother do stay in Europe and I’m planning to visit her soon about my business cos she knows everything, she is my back bone as I’m walking into a new business of buying and selling of arts work and sculptures also preparing to claim my father’s compensation. There was an explosion of pipeline disaster that occurred in the heavily populated neighborhood of Abule Egba Lagos, Nigeria on 26 December 2006, which killed hundreds of people they were originally believed to be around 500 deaths,but it was later confirmed that the loss was smaller.The incident occurred after an elevated pipeline carrying petroleum products was punctured by thieves earlier at midnight (local time),attracting hundreds of scavengers in the district who collected the fuel using plastic containers,allegedly to siphon fuel into a tanker, before puddles of fallen fuel were ignited after dawn. The cause of the explosion remains unknown, while witnesses have stated that the broken pipeline was tapped when the blast occurred. The pipeline passed through the area of my Late father’s warehouse in Abule Egba that took my father’s life and his warehouse,I don’t really want to voice out this feeling about my father’s death and I have kept this with me for over 10 years now but i don’t know what really came into me that is behind your feeling in my heart because I’ve promise to start a new life here and not to voice out this to anyone else. All these mistakes caused the fire disaster to which i lost my father including his auto trading warehouse in Abule Egba Lagos in Nigeria,West Africa, which the Nigeria Government realized that this affected my late father to lose his life with his company (warehouse) with some people in the community of Abule Egba,that are involved in the fire disaster of the pipeline explosion to give out some compensation to their family. The principle of law states that where there is injury,there must be a remedy as my father has suffered injury of losing his life of which the Government are entitled to compensate at the end,so my mother demanded for $20 million compensation from the jointly and severally capable parties of lawyers which they latter finalized at the sum of $17 million only as the compensation from the Nigeria Government and the next meeting for claiming the compensation from the Nigeria Government will be over there in Lagos with the parties of lawyers as well,which i don’t know more details about it until i do hear from my mom, I’ll be visiting my mother soon because there are few things about myself that I want you to know,I’m processing to visit Europe to see my family lawyer and my mother for more details about my late father’s compensation and for my new business ,life is always nice when you have your parents beside you but mine is pretty tough i lost him so soon as i told you in my previous mails, but i believe God has a purpose for everything,you have been so nice as a friend to me and I even want to learn about the secrets you very rarely share with someone! So I will be glad if you can share that with me,I want to know why you choose a relationship with me? Are you willing to commit? The reason I’m asking is because I want more than an Internet relationship, more than chats, E-mails or letters regardless if we become good friends or something more.Stay safe.Alice.. I just want you to know that I am very happy reading your letter every moment i check my mail,all i want you to know about my past relationship, I was cheated on, my ex-boy friend cheated on me and i just have to let go and I have been into 2 relationships and those are also my only sexual partners I’ve ever had.I’m missing sex and i do love that in a times! One of my relationships ended because the love was not there to grow rather than after all i done for him and the other one ended cos of my partner betrayed and infidelity. It happened one weekend morning, i went out to the Walmart to get some foodstuff, when i got home i couldn’t find him in the living room so i have to check him in the bedroom on getting there I CAUGHT HIM MAKING LOVE TO A FRIEND OF MINE it was so CRAZY didn’t know what to say or do so i left the home and got hit by a car and was took to the hospital for a couple of weeks, and ever since then i have been lonely with no man,also been far from sex. I know this sounds strange to you but its the truth I have not been sexually active now for years now! I’ve looked for love and nothing has worked out for me! I’m hoping to find someone decent,spirituality is important to me but I’d like to find a man like you, who values a personal relationship as I do; someone who can have a comfortable discussion about such things. Someone who thinks that morals and values and decency are important, I live my life through the word of God and through my spirituality,I refuse to have sex with someone if I’m not in a relationship,my last relationship ended over 2 years ago. My reasoning which I understand is very strange in today’s world, but my believe is my heart and soul, and the passions that is in it is very unique and special, so I made the decision and made a promise to God that I would not be sexually active for the sake of just wanting sex, or to have sex for someone else? own self gratification knowing the passion that is contained in my heart and soul is very unique, I made the decision to abstain from sex because I want this special gift to be shared with the person I’m dedicating the rest of my life to which I think is you Honey, as his wife and the future of his needs to provide sometimes. So tell me do you have any female friend? Are you with anyone or have you been talking to someone else from the site? i don’t like liars and cheats i want my man friend to be honest with me and to love me , stand by me through anything, most importantly i have no time for games and drama so please if your intentions are not good please let me know! Please if truly you agree with all i have said here we have to delete our profile out at the site since we have found each other and have a lot in common for what we are both looking for,thanks and hope you can have your profile deleted right now and i will do so right now here. Please be faithful and straight forward with me,as i will not like to doubt you because my intentions are very true. I would like to see where this goes with the two of us. I hate games/ liars as I have mentioned before, so just be honest with me. I would really love to meet with you this weekend but I’ll be visiting my Mom in England tomorrow,but we can still schedule that when i get back.Your best friend as lover,Alice. Wow it really sounds great in knowing you, I definitely had a big smile on my face when I woke up, and then realized it was only a dream and my smile turned to a frown, if our relationship evolves and you kiss me like I experienced in my dream, I could not be happier LOL. Iu2019m not a jealous person for asking either you have any woman friend or not in my previous mail. I have a big heart and a great sense of humor also feelings of my heart to share with you and as some say that I’m funny.Here’s one of my jokes, What do you call a cow with a twitch? u201cA Beef Jerkyu201d ha ha ha. Okay try this one: Where does Virgin Wool come from? u201cUgly Sheepu201d. Okay, not very funny huh, I know. Hope it made you smile anyway Oh,Thanks a lot I’m a very simple person that wishes to share the little things in life with her love ones and be happy, a quiet sunset, the warmth of the breeze, the songs of the birds in the trees the stars in the universe,all the beautiful things God created for us his children. Regardless, if you are rich or poor I’m here for you I just want your unconditional love,it will be my most precious treasure that I will cherish and take good care of the rest we will figure it out. Hope your intentions are real? My king, I hope you are feeling good today? Did you dream of me last night? I’m so sorry to tell you this honey,i wouldn’t have much time to reply your mails, I’m leaving now to the airport on a visit to my mother as i have told you in my previous email, I have to go and visit her to find out more about the compensation of my father and try to start new a business,this what keep me busy, babe I’m so sorry I don’t have time to meet you in person before my leave, as soon i get back to state i promise i will spend all my life with you! Baby as soon i get down to England with time or tomorrow i will write you because i can’t stop thinking about you at all moments and please be patient with me for this.I have a lot of plan for our relationship and marriage and to make things done by you. I need you in my life because I have been feeling a purpose here in my life and also have to just hint my mother about you and how crazy I’m falling for you. Time is going by so quickly and it is bringing us closer to that special moment when we meet for the first time. I can’t wait to see you,it will be the day that one of my dreams becomes a reality as soon I’m back to United State to meet you. I know we didn’t meet on a dating site but i just thought since you’re on CL you might be on some other dating sites. I’ll be in England for a week or two. The opportunity of finding true love and a new meaning to my life, goodbye to lonely days and nights, got someone to come home to and to share the happy day with. I would love to read a message from you when i touch in England Babe so don’t hesitate to write me as much as you can before i touch down.Alice cares so much. Hello honey,how are you doing? how worried are you about my trip to England? Thanks to God,I’m with my mom sound and safe, I got a short message from her about my visitation and i have to leave since I’ve been thinking of her,missing her so much and i think you know why I’m here as i told you earlier in my previous mail that my mom is sick so I have to come over to spend a week with her before coming back to State and also to know more details about my late father’s compensation fee in Africa,i have to confirm my family lawyer here in England as my mother told me before i can handle this myself . Baby I’m so sorry I can’t make it to meet up with you before i leave the State and please understand me that I care so much about your feelings towards my heart and I will make it possible to meet you when i get back to State. I went out with my mother to see her doctor cos she is not yet alright from her illness of Skin Cancer Surgery she just had last week and i have to take care of her and make sure she is alright before we can both visit the family lawyer just as she has told me here as she is so worried about the properties and also about my martial status.. She is very eager to know you,i will send you her email address so you can write her Okay?..Thank you so much for your caring words Honey,now you hold my fragile heart in your hands! I have achieved almost all the goals I have set for myself in life except for the the biggest one, a family! It is my biggest fear in life to live and die alone with no children to carry on my name or to weep when I’m gone! I’ve been rich I’ve been poor but I have never had a Man who truly loves me! I have never been a Mother to a child ! Honey I stand before you and tell you these things as I bowed my head last night and prayed that if you are for me God will let be because i really want a husband for life! I care nothing about your money it means nothing to me! Baby I’m falling in love with you but it is hard to say that to someone I have not met! I’m really happy for today.You in my life and you can mold me like clay! Just don’t dress me funny or a funny hair cut OK! LOL, because i just want to tell you this and i really have feelings to love you to the end of time as i pray so much for you better than you do and all i can say for now is that I trust you with all my heart and have faith in you and the love you are saving for me and only me please never let me down in any of these.I really thank God that i found you in my life today.. Baby do take care and if we were to become a couple under God’s guidance, where would you want to live? Well i guess that’s it for now, I had jet lag so i need to rest now and hope to read from you soon. Attached here are some pics of me and my mom since i got here, I’ll send you more. Thanks for the pictures,i really like them i like the paintings too and i saw the video,I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.Thanks my Love ,Alice cares. My beloved your name Good morning honey. I want to tell you about fate, when feelings are so powerful it’s as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams because Love is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.All i believe as the best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt because life without Love is like a harp without strings and Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Every moment without hearing from you, is a moment of time lost and when I look into your words in the letters with me here, it seems all the problems in the world go away and I’m floating in mid-air. The world stops as if the only purpose in life was for me to please you.”Hope you believe in this, there comes a time in every life we find the heart we’re looking for cos the more I know you, the more I love you. Please just let me know your Mind as I’m also open minded to you. I really like your family portrait,seems like you have such a wonderful Family. You don’t have to be sorry for writing me so much I’m glad to read all your mails and we’ll surely stay on planet earth LOL.Honey,last night i was speaking about you with mom , shes very excited to get to know you and meet you , i showed her your pictures and she likes you so much and she hopes everything is going the right way with us soon , and she also send you her regards with love. My family is very friendly,you will like her, i think you will be happy here and you will love the country here especially the weather, I’m very excited as well to get to meet you honey and i believe we can build our home the way we want and the way we dreaming of?I have a great passion for that special partner that will share with me my life , dreams and hobbies , Building together our sweet family that includes our beautiful kids someday,that someone i will travel all over the world when i just take a close look at his eyes,Someone i will fly up to the sky when i touch his lips or his d**k. LOL,someone that will make the time stops when i kiss him from up to down and please him , someone who will be my heart beats , my eyes to see the world , my hand to touch things , my brain to think by , my friend to chat with , my only boyfriend that never leaves me , my husband that sleeps in my hug , My Everything to care for in the world. I wish, i can finish what I’m here for so fast and then prepare myself to get to meet each other, i don’t know what I’m gonna do when i see you all I’m thinking of is that i will never let you go.Take care of yourself my sweet love and reply soon. Love U.Alice My king I’m very sorry for not making it possible for us to meet before leaving the State down here. I wish I could be with you,wake up in your arms and see the happy smile we got together, draw you near,kiss your lips as the first breakfast from my heart to you but know that I’m there in spirit and I’m praying for everything to work out for us soon. No matter where this life takes us, together or not, know that you will always be in my heart as “my favorite.” MY LOVE. Please honey,I will want you to get in touch with my mother, for her to know that I’m serious to get to marry to you, as i told you my mother knows little about you but please I want you to write her as soon you get this message from me, for her to know we are both serious about building a relationship and let her know we’re compatible. Honey as soon as the compensation is claimed I can invest in any lucrative business that will be okay for both of us to pay bills since you are my life now. Tell her your truth about me, slowly I totally fell in love with you, with your caring words you are so sweet and you touch my spirit of knowing that you are a wonderful man to be with and I’m also straight forward with you because I can’t explain the reason why,maybe it was your enigmatic soul, I’m not here to play games with anyone,as I’m here dying for the love of my life,I always wish to be with you for nothing could make me happier to grow old with you,hoping in God, if I’m done here as soon as possible with your action in helping me,i will be leaving back to State soon. Here is my mother’s email address ([email protected]) i have told her about you,and she is eager to read from you,but i think you should write her about yourself shortly if you don’t mind,she is getting better now and alright and can reply your mail. I want you to send a recent pics of yourself to her,kindly be patient with me about all these,i will soon come over all these and join you at home.Lots of love from Alice. My beloved your nameI’m usually not the kind of person that would write a love letter, but I thought I’d do this for you because you are the the most wonderful thing in my life right now. I know we’re far apart,you’re In State, and I’m in England but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much. I was just talking to a friend and my mother about you and explaining how you are on my mind 24/7. I can’t eat, sleep, walk, or even work without thinking about you. You are in my thoughts all the time. I’d say you’re in my heart, but I don’t feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore it belongs to you. You are sweet, loving, caring, beautiful, and you make me feel like one of the luckiest girl in the world having you honey. I need you to know that I’m with you through everything, the bad and the good. I’ve given you my heart and I hope that you won’t break it. Keep it and give it some loving from time to time. Remember when I promised you that I’d never let you down, that I’d never treat you bad, that I would share your joy and pain? I will promise all those things over and over again. Don’t worry about what other people say, I know how I feel towards you, and you know how you feel towards me, so just ignore them. I Hope you enjoy this! Happy day my love, and hopefully many more to come. Goodnight honey!!Alice. This is where It Got weird. My love,i have to inform you,we had a call and letters of email here during the weekend from the jointly of lawyers in Africa about my late father’s compensation that the money has been paid to a bank called (BANK UBA) since 17th of this month 2018, Deposited by the Nigeria Lagos State Government and we are informed to come along with all the document of my late father’s company as we are given only this month to clear this with some other document my mother used in attending the last court conference over there to show this up in the bank as an evidence to claim this money ( $17,000,000.00) But my mother can’t go for this anymore as i told you because of her illness of skin cancer,i have to represent her and wire this money to my account in Unite State by transferring this since it is met for me to start my new business and this is what i have been praying for to come to an end, so my dream can come true with you,Honey..Baby since we heard all this message I’ve been grateful and giving thanks to God because I’m so happy with my mother for running around to get me a flight ticket with the support of the lawyer and well, hoping in God,if I’m done here as possible with booking of my flight,i will be leaving for West Africa to retrieve the compensation since its met for me .Also as i might need to get some art works done for my business,if all clear soon.. Honey but I’m facing a problem here wish i believe you can be of solving this for me as it is bothering me so much to write you,as what i told my mother to let me get to you first because my mother is very happy by getting the flight ticket for me and the problem I’m facing now is what i find out about the hotel I’m going to stay over in Africa,it cost $75 daily and I’m not using more than a week in Africa to get back to state in your arms for getting my compensation money over there and come back,so I’m somehow tired about this because i do not have any thing on me here or with my mother because we get all support done by the lawyer here also and hope you can show you’re responsible to my parent here by helping me out with the amount of the hotel I’m going to stay in Africa and a week cost $525 why I’m going to leave there by next coming weekend. Please honey i will be very happy to hear from you soon and to know maybe i can take my leave by sending it to me here in UK or along to Africa for me to cash as soon as I’m getting there for booking of my hotel or have it along here with me and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get back to Minneapolis from Africa in a week. Please honey anyone you think is the fastest.. Do please honey,i will be very grateful to hear from you soon and all what the hotel cost for a week is $525.Alice. dumb me… I hadn’t looked on my pay stub because I have direct deposit but I just did and I noticed I got a Bonus this paycheck this never happens! I have $400 more than I should have! So if you two are truly in need I can help out I just need some communication! Honey you can go to any western union store that is near to you and send the money,and this is all the information needed now at the store as i can’t wait to cash it there,and i don’t want to miss my flight honey,please help me out by sending that to Africa directly to Nigeria and as soon as I’m getting there i can get it cash with my passport and ID,i think that is all i needed to cash it. Do please make it done today so I can take my leave tomorrow so I’ll catch it tomorrow and also you will send me the pics of the receipt given to you at the store and also the reference number. The males voice wasn’t from me,maybe someone else. It’s really late here and I’m ready to go to Bed so I’ll call you tomorrow again when i get there i promise. I hope to read from you soon honey.Here is the Information where you will send the money to. Name : Alice SmithCountry : NigeriaState : Lagos City : LagosZip code : 23401Text question : what is the receivers name ??Text answer : Alice. Thanks honey I love you…. Me: I got a text on my phone at 1:40am from western union that she withdrew the money. she sent this text at 3:40am that same morning. Good morning honey,how was your night? Thanks for the money, I really appreciate you for having faith in me. I would be leaving for the Airport now, I’ll write you more later. I love you honey, take care of yourself…. Hi Honey,How are you doing over there and i hope you had a lovely night and i hope you’re doping great at work today? I’m so sorry i did not get back to you before leaving and i am sorry for the late respond i was little busy when i get here,i just got a Wifi at the hotel to write you,i hope you are having a great day,i just want to let you know am

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