All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We hired All My Sons moving company to assist us with our move. On the phone, they are super quick initially before they even discuss rates to feel the need to reassure you that they are a great company. When the agent quoted me a rate, he quoted 159/hr. I asked if there were any extra fees involved knowing that with most companies, fuel and such is an added charge. They said well fuel and travel time is a cost but it’s all built into the rate to keep things simple. I asked the question, “so, for a 4 hour move we’d be looking at around 600 dollars?” The agent replied yes. I went ahead and booked the company at this time. I got a call within a few minutes from one of the owners thanking me for using them. A few days before the move, an owner called me to confirm the move. The time they were to arrive was wrong so we got that fixed. | The day of the move, the guys arrived. The foreman had me sign paperwork by just flipping through his tablet saying sign here, here and here. You will get a copy of this he said. They proceeded to begin. The guys did work hard and made decent time. We went to the storage unit where they were to unload. As soon as we pulled up, the foreman brought his tablet in and had my husband pay even though they had not even started unloading. The charge to his card was almost 1500 dollars. We were told we would get a final receipt that showed details of the billing. They unloaded and then at 8 pm we tipped the guys and left when they were done. Also, when we went back to our apartment, we found that they had left several things that were to go. When I got my bill the next morning, there were fuel charges and packing item charges that were in addition to the hourly quote. I could’ve bought rolls of Saran Wrap for cheaper than 75.00 a roll and tape cheaper than 8.00 a roll. But I was led to believe these were included. Also, they billed that they completed the job at 9:45. I called the owner, Brad Johnson. He said he would speak to the driver and call me back. He did say the gps said they left at 9:15 so he would give me 30 minutes back. He told me it may be later that day because the guy was working in an area with spotty reception due to the storm. I said ok. I never heard back from him. | Called the next morning and had a hard time getting him to even come to the phone. When he finally did call me back, he told me that his driver said that they left at 8:45 and he owed me an hour. I said well we have video proof from the storage unit that your guys left at 8:09. He said well my driver said I owe you an hour so that’s all you’re getting. I said so if we want to think about getting any of the other money back I’ll have to contact a lawyer? He said, if that’s what you wish. My husband tried to call later that afternoon to reason with him and he told my husband that he wouldn’t talk to him because I said I was going to sue him, words that never left my mouth. Brad Johnson, was very unprofessional and rude to me as his customer. He put words in my mouth and consistently lied to me. Unless you want to be lied to, overcharged, and have owners who don’t want to listen to their customers but instead line their own pockets, then don’t use this company!!

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