Allison sales Co flooring and tile

Allison sales Co flooring and tile

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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Allison sales Co is ran by two scam artist . chase Allison and his father Victor Allison . I entered into a contract with chase Allison for installation of medical flooring at the mercy hospital wound and hyperbaric center located at 7306 rodgers ave in ft smith arkansas. When it came time to pay the bill for services and labor I had rendered Chase Allison along with Paul Collins snuck into the building that same night I had submitted the billing and vandalized the work I had done . i have text messages directly from chase Allison stateing that he had in fact vandalized my work . he denied payment and went even further to file a claim with my insurance company for the vandelization that he in fact did to avoid payment . My insurance company is treating this as insurance fraud . I am turning over that information to the local prosecutors office . hopefully these scam and con artist will be in probation very soon . Allison sales Co is in debt to me for over 10 thousand dollars . they also over estimate bids at 15 percent to up the profits and his the left over materials in the back warehouse that is so full of customers material that they have to keep it hidden from audit for tax evasion . Do not trust these people or this company . attached are proof of the fact they scam . chase acts like a spoon fed child that is mad because he can’t stay home and play on the Nintendo . Victor is so old all he knows how to do is throw out a fake smile and continue stealing for his retirement . Paul Collins professes to be a Christian preacher yet engages in fraud and deception and Reliance in the same . Do not use Allison sales

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