Amdtrims - Alex Vostok

Amdtrims - Alex Vostok

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Published: 15 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

March 3, 2004 To Whom it may concern. This past December I purchased a simulated wood dash kit on Ebay from a company called Amdtrims,, 2102 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11234, (718)258-2300. Prior to this date I saw the ad for their products but they had no listing on Ebay for a 2004 Nissan Murano. So back in November I had purchased this same kit over the phone. Then back in November. I started having problems with the kit so I called and contacted Alex whom I believe is the manager or owner. He assures me that these issues will be corrected by replacing the wrong fitting parts as well as the parts I goofed up. I also on three occasions offered to pay for the materials and shipping and he refused. This is all fine Alex stated Ill take care of it . Well It’s the beginning of March now and more than 40 e-mails and 13 phone calls later I’m still in the same boat I was back in November only this time, I now own 2 incomplete kits that are installed. I have saved all the e-mail copies and kept records of our phone conversations. Alex has stated, I swear I sent them out to you! His excuses are from: My mother moved here from Russia and I had to find her an apartment to, : It’s not my fault this time honest and another, Well I had to make sure the parts fit before I send them. As stated above I can forward any or all of my documentation to get this fraud from ruining the on line trading process. Please fell free to contact me in regards to any of this transaction as I and many others want to continue honest safe Ebay trading in the future. It seems to be a shame when someone and others like Alex force the Government into our personal business transactions only to impose more regulations that I’m sure some day will tighten up our civil rights as American citizens. Earl Sherman, TexasU.S.A.

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