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Published: 15 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: American Institute of Consumer Studies Ten Interviews!! Is it ehtical and responsible data collection to send out employees wihtout proper hire and background checkas? Newtown Sq. PN PN!!

Yes I was hired by American Consumers Studies around the beginning of 2014. I too received my packet with a request to complete 10 interviews before decision of hire would be made. Since my resume lists above and beyond he requirements listed for the job I saw little reason in this. The prove yourself attitude is in the resume or on the job like any other job I see AICS as nothing special that they should be expempt from the rest of the job world in this. The issue of sending people to the publics homes without proper hire and background checks seems irresponsible data collection. THe collection of names, addresses etc. is personal identifiable information and should be monitored striclty during any data collection. I don’t know which if any labor or other laws that may be violated here but just saying this is not responsible data collection. Even if you feel the need field reps need to prove themselves first, not following safe and proper procedures first can result in safetly issues in the field, and ten interviews? THat seems a bit exc essive for them to “prove”” themselves for free. If ACIS were serious about their clients surveys they would follow protocols that seem to be standard in any serious outfit that is in this business.”

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