America's Pride - AMPRO

America's Pride - AMPRO

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Published: 31 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a $2,500 Eagle compressor on Nov 30, 2007. Two weeks after placing the order, I called in to check the status, and Bobby told me that the shipping wasn’t paid for. I don’t know why they waited for my call to let me know this, but anyway, I gave him my credit card info again and was charged another $520 and told that the item would arrive in approximately 3 weeks. I have since then called on numerous occasions to get a status on my order and been promised a call back. I left a number of voice mails for about four different people, and I have yet to received a response from anyone. On one occasion, Becky told me that it was shipping out January 28th, and that she would call me with the tracking info the same day, which didn’t happen. After a few more calls, I was told by someone else that it would ship out on February 1st, and tracking info would be available on the 4th. This again proved false. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone who knew what was really going on. The person that usually answered the phone couldn’t tell me anything, and when I asked who I would need to talk to, I got transferred to voice mail again, which, as I already mentioned, always gets ignored. When I just kept calling back, they simply hung up on me, or put me on hold and didn’t get back to me. I finally sent them an email on a Friday, demanding either a tracking number which I could verify myself, or to get my money back, and if I didn’t have anything by Tuesday, I would “take action”. To this Mike simply replied “I will get back to you on Monday”. Needless to say he didn’t, so when I called to speak to him the following Monday, he was in some “warehouse” and couldn’t be reached. I knew who the manufacturer was, so I called them. The lady was a little hesitant about giving me the information at first, but when I explained my situation, she was very helpful and said that the order was never made by America’s Pride. So the next day I called back and explain to them that I knew what was going on, and asked them to cancel my order, which they were more than happy to do, but no word on when I’d get my money back. I called back a second time to find out, and they told me it would take 15 days. I wasn’t about to sit here for another 15 days and wait for something to happen, so I immediately filed a complaint with my credit card company. I haven’t heard from them or the credit card company since then, but about 12 days later the money was credited back to my account. I don’t know if they did it willingly, or if the credit card company forced them to, but I finally did get my money back. Everyone at this company has the same attitude. They take your money, make promises they have no intention of keeping, then pretend you don’t exist. They have absolutely no conscience or respect and they don’t apologize for it. So don’t think you can reason with them as you would with a human being. David Seminole, TexasU.S.A.

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