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Published: 01 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Anthony Thomas Fr Audit Investigation Manager @ TxDOT Lead Fr-Audit Investigator, Texas’s Dumb Old Thinkers, Malicious Prosceutor, Neo-n**i Skinhead, Murder Accessory, Bad Father, Mory’s Idiot, Black Hitler’s Eichmann Austin, Texas!!

Folks: We are writing this report to alert the public of a phony fraud examiner. His name is Anthony Thomas, the Audit Investigation Manager at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), hired by and/or reporting to Benito Ybarra. He’s so bad people call him the Fraud-it Investigation Manager. Let us explain why this is true. Before Anthony Thomas went to work for TxDOT, he was the Lead Audit Investigator for the City of Austin. Based on this encounter we will describe to you, he was the Lead Fraud-it Investigator. One City of Austin employee came to Anthony Thomas to report life safety issues because the person’s boss wrote a memo stating that they do not check structural engineering aspects of plans. This could cost the city millions of dollars in legal expenses if it is not addressed. Instead of thanking that person for bringing this high cost, legal liability issue to the city’s attention, Kenneth Mory’s chief idiot Anthony Thomas bullied the person and told him/her it was not fraud, waste, or abuse of city of Austin resources. He told this person he should have brought it sooner to the city’s attention, a difficult thing to do when that person was recovering from life-saving surgery. Guess Anthony Thomas has no problem allowing Austin taxpayers to be murdered right behind his office with falling glass! Anthony Thomas has no problem wasting $30 million on a city construction project worth over $150 million. Guess he has no problem cutting off water to the west side of Austin due to a defective pipe bridge, now did he? You can call Mr. Thomas an accessory to murder. He has no hair like a neo-n**i skinhead! Because Eichmann Anthony Thomas reported to the Black Hitler of the Fourth Reich of Austin aka Austin City Manager Marc Ott, he allowed this person to be wrongfully jailed for requesting their past pay stubs for their required medication and keep the person permanently unemployed for well over a year. This means Anthony Thomas puts his own career over the greater good of the people of Austin that pay his salary. Based on our encounters, he would invent an excuse not to do anything ethical. Even worse yet, he would respond with obvious falsehoods to avoid doing his job. This is certainly a bad role model for his young daughter. Anthony Thomas is much worse than Osama bin Laden, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Milosevich combined! He forced a single mother named Alissa Chambers to keep a lien on her house even though it was past the five year time period. When it came to HUD fraud that was presented to him, Anthony Thomas rolled over and played dumb. He screwed this single mother big time by allowing the contractor to leave exposed wires in the house and cause a fire hazard. The reason Anthony Thomas allegedly did this is to give future work to City of Austin firefighters and related first-responders. Anthony Thomas showed the people of Austin that he is willing to ruin the lives of people whom he sees fit! If Anthony Thomas has demonstrated one thing, it’s that he is the representative of an ethically challenged, and dangerously savage child-race who’s like Stevie Wonder on a hunting trip he missed everything unethical. Anthony Thomas couldn’t spell dog if someone spotted him the D & the G! We have decided to make a new commercial about Mr. Thomas’s lack of ethics and integrity. After all, he is a direct report to Benito Ybarra over at TxDOT, short for Texas’s Dumb Old Thinkers: Hello, we’re the storytellers. No one has time to waste, and that’s why at the City of Austin, they’ve tailored their fraud investigations to wreck the knowledgeable employee’s busy life. Every day, they deliver major falsehoods and doctored evidence of their skewed viewpoints. There’s no fact-checking. There’s lots of fluff. They make sure they ruin their employees while wasting your time and dime. City of Austin, (TX), a$$-backwards, governmental stupidity you can count on! Now that he’s at TxDOT, Anthony Thomas is governmental stupidity TxDOT can count on!

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