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Published: 21 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Applebees metro new york applemetro, applebees neighborhood bar and grill running a bad and unfair operation in applebees bronx, New York!!

To: zane tankel <[email protected]>; miguel fernandez <[email protected]>Sent: Tue, October 26, 2010 5:31:24 PMSubject: no legal backing or proof but was terminated by cliff anyway. dear sirs, i do appreciate the honor of working for you guys at applebees. i was or am in the process of being terminated by cliff white for reasons unknown and totally biased and i feel regardless of the outcome you should at least be aware of what is happening. when we all got the letter about anthony favuzzi going ill and getting operated on and the shole applemetro staff coming to his aid i was the first to reach out to him as i was going through recovery and you were gracious enough to assure me my job back. . i have enclosed a document signed by me and reny samuel regarding my return back to work, i spoke with cliff and we agreed on me coming to work late and making up the hours during the days i was off or didnt have any physical therapy to go to for which i would work 14 or sometimes 15 hour shifts. i agreed based on the fact that i have been out of work for about 2 months and in these times one cannot really afford luxuries like that anymore, espescially since my dad died serving and we never really were left with anything. cliff called me in on monday and said that he recieved an email from reny complaining about me coming in late, i was alarmed as i though before i even set foot back in applebees we worked out this agreement, and from then on i felt like there was already a negative agenda in the works concerning my future in applemetro.initially i wanted to return back to new rochelle as i felt more comfortable there and would have to worry much about reestablishing myself with the gm and the staff getting used to my unorthodox leadership style which reny was apparently intimidated by. i started my usual no nonsense way of whipping bayplaza into shape as the need for service minded servers was huge. within the first week they were all in proper uniform, guest complaints were down, and we actually got a couple of guest praises. now Mr. Miguel Fernandez once told me that should anyone ever be caught trying to steal from the company or its guests that they should be terminated on the spot whcih culminated form the incident where a server in new rochelle lied to a guest about not having water, to sell them a bottle and i kept that kind of voracity to heart. when there was a gm meeting held by cliff and we found 8 servers who were ringing up trios and deleting the cost but sending the orders anyway to sell to guests for a zero charge and keep the proceeds, some rand uo such transactiong over 50 times and we found them using thier swipe code, i requested we terminate them and bring in new help. reny insisted we keep them, write them up , and let them off with a warning, this and many other situations where i wanted quick action to set examples, he always hindered me as he wanted to be the only vioce and so my role as a service manager was immediately undermined. also, cliff said that 2 servers had filed a complaint about me making comments to them, he did however admit thry had no proof or witnesses but felt that on that basis reccomended i should seek emplyment elsewhwere. the funny thing about it is that one of the servers had actually openly made sexual remarks and passes towards me in public for which i have witnesses (koria-bartender), which i shrugged off, all he said was that should my statement pan out and my situation is the truth the person who made the allegation would get fired. what does that do to address my situation? that anyone who makes an allegation that is baseless and without merit about a manager can get that manager punished or in my case terminated immediately without investigation? this is legally immoral as according to my last review i recieveed a successful rating and cliff signed off on it as well. so i know how to do my job and go beyond the mere requirements, my former gm denise oliphant(your champion) can verify this. on more than one occasion i was undermined by the supervisor(yaritza), i approached reny about this and as susal he shrugged it off saying he would address it which he never did. the last two weeks i was there we were up in sales, guest complaints were down, csi scores were up. i had to have made some impact in there regardless of noted or not. numbers dont lie. Mr zane and Miguel, if i didnt have passion for the business of guest service or cared about your opinions of me i couldve simply slipped away in silence, but i simply refuse to go down this path without my voice being heard. i would never choose the legal path before speaking with you sirs for your grace. i simply want you to look further into this on my behalf. when there was a proven case of a manager dating 7 girls in bayplaza (collins) he simply just got trasferred to harlem for one week, then to fordham as of next week. and he is still with the server he ended up settling with from the bunch (natalie-bartender) and most importantly cliff knew because he told me about that being the reason why there is a manager opening in bayplaza as i vehemently requested to go to my old home in new rochelle where it was safer, less political, and denise was not a gm that micromanaged but rather gave assistant managers room to grow by allowing them hands on experience running the resturant in her absence,. so i ask you gentlemen, in these two scenarios what is ethical, moral, and legally correct? i have always been drawn to men of respectable standings and in the bible when eople of old yearned for knowledge they clung to those where the knowledge came from so as to learn thier ways. i have reserached mr zan from the printing mills, union wars, the first building he sold in manhattan unoccupied for an impressive roi, and mr miguel from the faces of diversity awards, pacific gold inc, you name it and when i speak of you guys it is with nothing less but beaming pride. i feel a great immoral and unethical injustice has been done and i humbly await your response. thank you gentlemen very much for taking time out of your schedules to attend to my ear in a sea of employees and business related plethora God bless you

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