Appollo Group and University of Phoenix

Appollo Group and University of Phoenix Review

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Published: 06 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Appollo Group and University of Phoenix They keep the money that is to be returned to you for overpayment and will not release until they are challenge that they hv this extra monies.they are also over charging in certain classes, Internet!!

University of Phoenix every time the financial aid is disburse or the students loans are disburse they hold on to the refnds that are suppose to be return to the students for a very long time if you don’t call and ask where the funds that are suppose to be refunded to you are they will not send it to you. They also change the prices of your classes so you really do not know how much your classes are ahead of time they alo charge you fo yourclasses way in advanced even before you are taken the class and they do that to stay with your refunds. Please check te going on her with the financial aids as well as the loans I had a credit of about 2,500. and then all of a sudden i have a balance due of $179… for a class I have not even taken and it is not due till next month sometime this is what I mean that they take your money and your owing somethng you have yet taken. They are a rip-off and they lie when they are registering you for classes they said that someone will always be available and they lied I don’t get respond from the counselors unless I threaten to call their superior then I get a call this is not the way a University should be running.

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