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Published: 18 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: April Blackmon – The University of Texas at Austin.Account Management at Draftfcb. Harassment. Discrimination. Abusiveness. Bigotry. Homophobia. Psychosis. Bad attitude. Anger problem. Rudeness. Austin, Texas!!

In exercise of my first amendment rights I am expressing substantial truth, opinion, and judgment about April Blackmon. My experience with her was extremely negative. I believe that she is a bigot. I experienced harassment, belligerence, and discrimination from her in one of my advertising courses at The University of Texas at Austin. She harassed me at my home in which she was not invited. She harassed me in the classroom in which her belligerence and snarky attitude interfered with my classwork. She also tried to get me removed from a class project presentation and she was successful at lying and manipulating the professor into ostrancizing me even further. I thought that her hateful and disgusting behavior is also very low class, damaging, and disgraceful. She should feel responsible for the academic and monetary damage that I went through because of her hatred and anger problems. I wasted thousands of dollars on a course because of her stupidity, harassment, lies, and anger problems. She cause me a lot of emotional anguish and mental damage. I would suggest that everybody be careful with April Blackmon. She is a conniving, self absorbed, bossy, and very manipulative person. She is a social climber and very opportunisitic. She doesn’t care who she harms and offends along the way. And I would warn all people to be very careful when doing any business or forming any friendships with her. I believe that she is too selfish and too narcissistic to understand or sympathize or empthathize with my pain and my loss. She is too rude and mean-spirited and her legacy of hatred and manipulation will only follow her. Of course she is also machivallian and duplitous, so she will say anything to please anybody that she wants to influence. Everybody else will be treated like worthless trash. That is how she treated me. I am a very intelligent, attractive, and successful individual. It is too bad that her bitterness, bigotry, and envy got in the way. She ruined and damaged my opportunities for some success but thankfully there are websites like ripoffscams.com that will reveal the true character of such cold and conniving individuals that are not worthy of my time or consideration. Be really careful with April Blackmon.

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