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Arco AM PM

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Published: 19 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On June 15, 2018 at 1212pm, My car was literally blocked in by an occupied vehicle that happened to be an employee talking to her assistant manager in a red truck F150 with license plate CA 7F45229. Meanwhile, I could not move my vehicle out since other cars would move in behind my car. My 16 year old cousin had to sit with my two little girls for approximately 10-15 minutes when I had to go into the store three times. 1st time to find out who was blocking the drive to move her car, 2nd time because she had still not moved her car (just in line waiting to pay her gas now after we had been waiting still), 3rd time because she admitted she was employee & her manager had not told her to move. I called the store manager, Mancher, who originally said there was nothing he could do since she was off duty & to contact Arco corporation & he refused to give me the owner’s name to contact him. The next morning, I saw the employee who originally created the problem with her inconsideration & Mancher in person. Mancher finally gave me his owner’s name Kevin Parabia & said he was out of the country, but gave me a 858-454-2710 number which is LOCAL. Mancher was less than helpful regarding disclosure of the assistant manager who had an EXCELLENT view of the entire incident & with his intervention this matter would have been resolved then & there. All I got was the assistant manager vehicle plate number as listed above. Calling Customer service for ARCO was a waste of time since everything out of their mouths was “I can’t tell you for security reasons or I’m following protocol.” They put me an such an extended hold that their automated system tried to kick me off while they made numerous calls without explaining what they were doing. BP is a publicly traded company so you have legal access to the board of directors, CEO & contact information, but you will have to get it on your own. They will not provide a correct address for their offices, just look them up on BP website. Needless to say, It’s very OBVIOUS. Arco or BP affiliates do not care regarding child safety in hot vehicles when studies have show it can only take MINUTES for injury to occur. Nor do they care about treating consumers with RESPECT, instead they treat consumers by being patronizing or argumental.

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