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ARDON maintenance Review

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Published: 07 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: ARDON maintenance The new service van that leaks that I regret buying Madisonville , Texas!!

I bought a new Chevy service body van 2011 and it has been the worst experience I have ever had. The reading servicebody leaks water in every door ever since a bought it new. Have taken it back to dealer and manufacturer 6 times and it still leaks.The Chevy dealer has quit dealing with me and left me alone alone to deal with reading truck body because that is there problem according to Buckalew Chevrolet. I have dealing with reading truck body for a while now to try to get this bed replace. In the first 7 month it spent 4 weeks in the shop getting worked on.There customer service is the worst I have ever seen and dealt with. I have lost many expensive tools and stock because they tell me it’s fixed and the next time it rains the bins get full of water. I got 2 tickets by the police because the tail light fuse would blow all the sudden when we where driving down the road, the shelf inside have broken, the alarm for bed quit, and has taken a year to get them to finally replace the bed.I would not recommend buying a Reading aluminum service body van, there customer service is terrible, they don’t stand behind there product, they don’t care about there customers or there property, and they will do what ever they want with you! I’m going to buy another service van this year but I will never ever buy another reading service body or anything from reading ever again, and will not recommend anybody buy from them!

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