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Published: 08 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Arizona Teaching Fellows huge waste of time and money to attend Phoenix, Arizona!!

This organization places people as teachers in schools in areas with low academic achievement and high crime. They don’t call you on the phone and make it sound like you have great potential. Then they require you to travel to Phoenix for a group session and individual interview. When I was there, there were about ten of us in a group. There was another group being held also, and then perhaps more were held in the afternoon. They don’t even have many openings, but here were all these people who flew in from out of state! I only had to travel 125 miles each way compared to them. This organization consists of dizzy, unfriendly interviewers who also work in the office apparently. They couldn’t keep track of who I was when I did call or email. They look for a very submissive person as they screen you out in the group interviews. I came up with a great idea that the group went with, but the interviewer twisted what I said completely. I judged the woman to be a total plant. Stay away from these airheads who use people. The people who should be teachers in the low performing schools are highly skilled teachers. But this commie organization picks submissive, unskilled young people who want to teach. Imagine the stress the teachers go through as they do online education classes, deal with the hard to manage students, and have to come up with all their own lesson plans, which they have never done before. Not the best way to increase achievement levels, but it keeps the money flowing to the organization, of course.

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