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Published: 01 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

People have been complaining about ” too many lawyers ” since at least the 70s or if not earlier. What people are really complaining about is that there are too many BAD lawyers and of of those BAD lawyer is Jeremy W. Armstrong located in Phenix City , Alabama .He is a former Alabama’s prosecutor , proudly putting people to death !! Now he is known as Trusting Justice League P.C. What really changed between his former position and position now as a criminal attorney ..?? Not a lot … for a regular citizens, but it became a BIG difference for his income —- now he legally can charge big money for a criminal cases and DO NOTHING !!! According to his website ( created by himself and his close secretary ) he is very good and honest ! Of course ! But if you try to find any opinion about him …?? NOT EXIST !! He will fool you during your first meeting with him … remindig you 10 times to pay him in full during one week. He charged my friend 8.000$ for a just possession of a simple drugs .. like he was a murder ….. and at the end he, Armstrong ,denied everything what he promissed at the beginning . He and his friend judge put my friend in jail , prison with following 21 month of probation and 10.000 $ fines . From his fake website :” ..if you’re on the verge of a lengthy court battle involving criminal charges , you need to realize that you’re not on your own ” . YES, having such attorney as Armstrong , you are by your own from the very beginning !! REMEMBER THIS, poor people !! He called himself ” excellent criminal lawyer “….. I called him :” SORRY BS , GREEDY , LAZY, RUDE , DISHONEST piece of attorney “. He refused to talk to that family very son after court happened … he said :” And, No, I’m not visiting him in jail. My representation concluded upon disposition of theses cases which was April, 12 2016, the date of sentencing. No need to email my law firm any further. I advise you consult with another attorney in this matter for any consideration of appeal or other post-conviction remedies ” He did not give his family any paper after court , disposition , any transcript, and when his family was trying to contact his office , he sent them threatening email : here ….. “””””” All your threatening emails have been provided to Judge and the County Sheriffs Department. You are hereby requested to cease all communication with my office. Additionally, you are advised do not come to my place of business. My representation of your son concluded on April 12 , 2016. Any further emails or communications with my office will result in me signing a warrant for you for Harassing Communications. “”””””” Jeremy W. Armstrong ARMSTRONG JUSTICE LEAGUE, P.C. Sent from my iPhone The Client Security Fund was established by the Alabama State Bar to provide a remedy for clients who have lost money or other property as a result of the dishonest conduct of practicing attorneys. The Alabama State Bar recognizes that the legal profession depends on the trust of clients and although very few attorneys breach that trust, it is important that the professionu2019s reputation for honesty and integrity be maintained and protected. The Client Security Fund serves this function by providing some reimbursement to clients whose money or property has been wrongfully taken by attorneys licensed to practice law in Alabama. I truly believe that Mr. Jeremy W. Armstrong , criminal attorney of Alabama State should be disbarred and by court stop practicing the law . Alabama State Bar recieved complaint against Mr. J.W. Armstrong . Punishment should fit the criminal…. or you are a housekeepers or you are an attorney or you are a President of the country.

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