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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Just last week I went to the Auctionmax in Duluth, GA, a somewhat new public car auction. I was fully aware that these vehicles are “AS IS” and also you get what you pay for. Understood. We had been going back and forth between this auction and another one in Loganville, GA fro the past 3 weeks, twice a week. My daughter was desperate to find a car so that she’d have transportation at college in North Carolina to go to and from work. As always we got there early to preview the cars. We looked up vin #’s when possible. turned the cars on, played with the steering, shifted the gears, looked under the hood and checked fluids. Not bad for two women I think. All this in 95 plus degree heat. We followed our routine this past weekend and stayed for the duration of the auction. maybe a half hour before the final cars were pulling through, my daughter was getting upset that we had not yet been able to bid successfully. My gut said just wait and try later and keep looking. I didn’t listen to my instinct and we got screwed! The only car she could afford was a 99 Hyundai, I won’t mention the mileage out of embarassment, with a few bumps and scrapes, no air, small crack in windshield, but otherwise ok for the little money she had saved up. We still had opportunity to back out of this deal as the seller was arguing with the staff that he wanted $1350 for the car and that another individual had agreed to $1350. Then they couldn’t make up there minds if the car was already sold to someone else or not. The other “smart” person walked away and stiffed the guy. I see why now. We bid $1200 and we were told they would accept that price. The seller, “David”, was a total jerk. After a long ordeal to finish up things, we got the car brought to us and followed each other home. My daughter informs me the car is straining and jerking when first taking off and then she notices a piece of black tape on the dash. Underneath, its the check engine light. Bright and orange! It was strategically placed to deceive. She only noticed because the light came on after the purchase and it was night time. Of course by this time the place is closed and that til Monday. This dirty low down guy ensured the staff member that the car was a good car. We heard him say it ourselves. The Auctionmax staff was really trying to help my daughter get a decent, understand, not perfect car. My issue is every other car on the lot was full disclosure. How foul of him to put that tape there! Now we’re out $1500 and the car wouldn’t crank up at all yesterday and we got stranded at the gas Thank God for Triple A. Auctionmax itself is not the problem. They were shocked when I told them what this guy had done. I plan to go to the next auction this Fri and warn buyers of this particular seller. I accept full responsibility in making a rushed emotional decision, but what that guy David did was unacceptable. These are hard times and my duaghter worked hard for that money and I also chipped in $700. Don’t make the same stupid mistake we did people. The staff is great at Auctionmax. they are wonderful, helpful and friendly. I’m angry at this guy David, one of their sellers. He’s a tall Latino guy who wears a thick gold chain around his neck. Maybe he can get another nice one with our money now. My daughter has no vehicle now, and I can’t afford to pay for repairs that cost more than 2-3 times what I paid to purchase it. We can’t afford it. We haven’t even recieved the title and won’t they say for 2 weeks. Paid the insurance, tags and taxes up front and the piece of crap is sitting outside with a car cover over it because when it stalled, the windows were down. One can only laugh, because I’m too tired and in shock to cry. A lesson learned the hard way! Do your homework folks and follow your instinct!!!

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