Autoway Ford Of St Petersburg

Autoway Ford Of St Petersburg

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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On May 24, I was to pickup a once owned Ford Explorer Sport Trac from this dealer including a dealer installed moon roof; however, the roof had a wrinkled skin of the roof from the installation. I was told by 2 of the dealership staff it would straighten itself out in the sun. For three weeks I tried to get the dealership to live up to their vow to correct it and provide me, the customer service “pledge” of satisfaction. I offered various compromises like getting it fixed locally if they pay for it; I bring it back for a fee but I got no takers. The General Manger, Andrew Dunton called and agreed to my fee of $275 to drive it back to St Petersburg, FL. On Friday June 20, I drove it back to Autoway in St Petersburg, FL two hours away to get their moon roof fixed. Andrew said it would need to stay for repairs as it was worse than expected upon his inspection. I was provided a rental car for estimated 3-days and maximum 10-days, to be safe. I often called or emailed asking for status report of the repairs. At the end of the 10-days I was told a part from Ford was backordered. I had to ask several times what part and finally towards the end I was told “clips”. Andrew profusely apologized each time and stated he would “make every attempt to compensate me for my inconvenience.” Finally, on July15, I was informed that my repairs were done, 25-days later. This was 4 weekends of no boating, camping, one holiday, summer vacation and my birthday lost to a dissatisfactory rental and not my Sport Trac. The day of delivery and rental return, Andrew informs me after I had to ask; he was willing to give a one-time compensation of $275 or a total of $550 ($275 for my June 20 delivery) in exchange for my signed release on the moon roof. He failed to every attempt rather he made one and only one attempt to compensate for all my inconveniences; this comes out to $11 a day. “Take it or leave it” was the offer, sight unseen of the repairs. I refused as being unacceptable. My only recourse is to inform every one of the crooked deals, false promises and failed “pledge” of Autoway of St Petersburg, FL part of the Autoway car dealers in the Tampa area. Look out and buyer be aware that they do not live up to their word. T bonus cape coral, FloridaU.S.A.

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