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Published: 24 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Autoworld of conway Autoworld, Autoworldconway, Autoworldofconway AutoWorld of conway Sold me a lemon, lied to me and said it was fixed, and then cheated me on an auto purchase conway sc!!

On October 26, 2018 we purchased a 2015 Chevy Sonic with 74,000 miles on it from Auto World of Conway and put $7000 down and traded in a 2005 Chevy Cobalt in which they gave us an additional $800 towards the purchase of the Chevy Sonic and we agreed to pay the remaining $1000 in 30 days. The next day the check engine light came on and we called Onstar and they said it needed an 02 sensor and they also stated the oil had 10% oil life remaining. So I took the car to Auto World of Conway service center, told them about the check engine light, and reminded them that I was given two free oil changes. They said that I needed an appointment and everyone had gone to lunch so I made one for 1pm and drove around for a little while. I came back at 1pm and after waiting for help for 20 minutes they finally acknowledged me and I gave them the keys and went to the sales office next door to ask about the warranty and to ask where were my 2 free oil change coupons the service center said I should have been given, The sales manager said the sensors would not be covered by the 90 warranty because it is for the power train only but did give me oil change coupons to give to the service center. I went back to the service center waiting room and I sat down. After about 30 minutes they called for me and I went up to the counter and they said they found coolant in the oil which means there is a crack in one of the heads in the engine and gave me keys to a loaner car and said they would let me know what they decided to do about it in a day or so. I moved my stuff over to the loaner car and went right over to the Sales dept and told the salesman that I needed to speak to the sales manager and explained what the service center told me. The sales manager Ben said he would go talk with the service center and get back with me in a few minutes. The sales manager Ben came back to me and said that they had found a used engine which had less miles on it and they could either replace the engine with a $500 engine that had less miles on it and I could either wait on it or they could find me another car. I said I would talk it over with my wife and get back to him. Me and my wife talked it over and decided we liked the car and we felt like we were getting a better engine than we started off with. I called and let him know that me and my wife had decided to keep the same car and have the engine replaced and he said he would need us to sign some papers so they they could get credit on it through their insurance. A few days later the service center called me and asked if the car had overheated and I said no it was actually driving great even though the check engine light had came on already. A week passed and they called and said the car was ready so I went to pick it up and I asked the lady at the service counter if there was anything I needed to know and she said no and that there was nothing that needed to be signed and gave me the keys back. I went over to the sales side to see about signing what ever paper they needed signed and they said there was nothing that needed to be signed. I thought it was weird that there was no paperwork involved. Later that day the engine light came back on so I called Onstar and they said nothing showed up in their diagnostics scan and said that the oil life was at %9 . The next day I took the car to a different mechanic and explained what happened and he looked it over and ran a diagnostics report and said that the engine had misfired and there were no signs that the engine had been replaced or even been worked on for that matter and it looks like all they had done was changed the oil because the oil was clean. The mechanic said it did not look like anything was wrong with the car and said the whole story about changing the engine and not doing it was really weird. He told me to bring it back if the engine light comes back on. The next few days the engine light would come on and I would call Onstar and they would say nothing was showing up as being wrong so I figured it had misfired again. The engine light kept coming on going off by itself after a while each time we started the car. Then one day after I cranked it up the check engine light started flashing on and off so I looked it up on my phone and it said online it may have had a serious misfire and should not be driven. A few minutes later the light went off so we figured it would be ok now. The next day it said it was overheating so we let it cool off and put more coolant in it even though it was not completely empty. After refilling the coolant, I noticed a weird coolant burning smell and noticed a puddle of coolant had pooled on the side of the engine. After I cranked it up The light came back on and I decided to take it to the mechanic again since it was leaking coolant somehow and the engine light kept coming on. The mechanic ran diagnostics, saw that it was continuously misfiring, and saw the puddle of coolant on the engine. He determined that the misfiring may have something to do with coolant leaking into the oil and that it probably had a crack in the engine head after all. I called and told the service center lady that the engine kept misfiring, and that it was leaking coolant. I also told her that my mechanic said the engine had not been replaced, as I was told it would. She replied that she had already told me that they had taken the car to the Chevy dealership they just had to adjust the coil pack to fix the misfiring issue. They made an appointment for me to bring in the car the next day. I told my wife she would have to take that day off of work because this car needed to be returned and we either need a refund or another car. I took the car to the Auto World service center the next day and told them what had happened and explained how the engine never got replaced and it still had a crack in it . They said they would take a look at it, so I gave them the keys. I then went straight over to the sales side and told the salesman we needed to talk to the manager because the engine was not replaced. I told them they had sold me a lemon. The sales manager, Chris, took us in the office and I explained to him that I felt misled by the service department and the sales department. The engine was not replaced as I was told it would be. Also, the lady in the service center said I had been told that the engine had not been replaced, although this conversation never took place. Also there was no paperwork showing me what had or had not been done. Chris the sales manager said I had not been lied to, that there was just a miscommunication between us, the Chevy dealership, and the service center. We explained that we no longer wanted the car because they sold us a lemon and lied to me about having the engine replaced. Chris said Ben was the one whom had dealt with the situation was off today so we would have to come back tomorrow. We explained that we had taken the day off work in anticipation of taking this car back and getting our money back. Chris said that since Ben said we could get a different car he would just give us credit towards a different car. We spent the day driving different cars and finally settled on a 2015 Toyota Corolla with 63,000 miles on it that cost more than the 2015 Chevy Sonic which was $8000. So in the end the dealership was getting more of our money and we just financed the difference of the two cars and this time got the extended warranty making us finance around 6,230 dollars more than we wanted to spend on a car because the Toyota Corolla was $11,250. The sales manager also slipped in an arbitration agreement this time. He then said that he was getting us a 9% interest rate through Capital One Auto Finance, but that Wells Fargo was closed but they may be able to get us a better interest rate tomorrow. He said that if they do they will have us come back tomorrow and sign another agreement giving us a lower interest rate and a lower payment. The next day they called us telling us they had new papers to sign and it would just be in and out. So I sent my wife to sign the papers since they said this would be a quick in and out thing. When she got into their office Chris the office manager said the good news is they got us a lower interest rate of 4.5% but the payment went up because they made a mistake on the other paperwork and forgot to include the $1000 that we had promised to pay for the sonic so now we would be financing around $7,500 instead of the $6,230 that we had signed before .She of course became upset and left and then the sales manager Ben called me and and after a lot of arguing he said if we did not come back and sign the new paperwork they would report the car stolen and come and get it. He also said that all the paperwork we signed the other day was null and void because they made a mistake on the paperwork and we were driving the car illegally so now we have to pay them another $1000 dollars because of their mistake. This is when we decided it maybe a good idea to consult an attorney

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