Avijit Ghosh, Dean Of The College Of Business, University Of Illinois (Champaign)

Avijit Ghosh, Dean Of The College Of Business, University Of Illinois (Champaign) Review

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Published: 14 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Avijit Ghosh, Dean Of The College Of Business, University Of Illinois (Champaign) Business School Dean rips off veterans, gets $339,000 job by pal and crony Joe White in kickback Champaign Illinois!!

See the University of Illinois newspaper, Daily Illini, reporting on this issue: Univ Illinois’ $339,000 Payback Between Avijit Ghosh and Joseph White According to the Champaign News-Gazette, Avijit Ghosh, the disgraced former dean of the College of Business at University of Illinois in Champaign, got a new job at U of I courtesy of his old friend Joseph White. Ghosh headed up the presidential search committee that got White his job as President of U of I. This is not a Starbucks barista salary Ghosh gets 339 thousand bucks per year a decent return on investment for masterminding the veteran scholarship scandal and betraying the public trust. The new job Ghosh gets lets him run technology, economic development and a venture capital company for Springfield, UIC and Champaign campuses. Not a bad gig for someone with a degree in GEOGRAPHY. Sort of like nominating a plumber to run Citibank. Give me a double shot corruption espresso this morning. On second thought, maybe President White should recommend Ghosh for a patronage job in the 11th ward. Ghosh has the skills. The timing could not be better for Ghosh, who has been interviewing without success for jobs around the world. He recently interviewed at Western Michigan University, did not get it, and went to India while the Illinois Inspector General continued its investigation of discrimination against veterans. Good thing Ghosh landed in India, too, since those jarheads Ghosh does not think are smart enough for University of Illinois do not vacation in India very often. Ghosh is fortunate to get 339K of taxpayer-funded salary, but I doubt luck had much to do with it. It pays to have friends in high places like University of Illinois President Joseph White who got help from Ghosh when he headed up the presidential search committee. So while Ghosh continues interviewing for jobs outside University of Illinois, it is comforting for Illinois taxpayers to know that Joseph White subscribes to the Daley-Stroger-Ryan rules of political patronage. Loyalty has its rewards. We should all be so lucky. Discriminate against veterans, rig admissions standards to kick them out, get caught, and then find a new job courtesy of a friend you helped get a job. Maybe the Inspector General should give President White a call next. What a priceless lesson in ethics from the ivory tower. Madvet1973 Wheaton, IllinoisU.S.A.

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