Stephan Cassaday

Date: 14.07.2020

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Poor Customer Service – Not Recommended

All the stuff you read about Stephen Cassaday online is lies. That man has no idea how  to conduct himself in a meeting with a client. My experience with Stephen was very painful and ever since I got rid of that guy his company has been requesting me to meet with him again and  reconsider. I know for a fact that I would never work with Stephan again. 

Stephan Cassaday – Who he is

Stephan is the CEO and chairman of Cassaday & Company Inc. He has been a finance professional for many decades, started in the late 70s and has CFP and CFS certifications. He also has been named in Barron’s list of America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors along with the title of No. 1 advisor in Virginia. Apart from these titles, he has received many other awards and accolades.

Reading all this praise about him can convince anyone into thinking he’s a great guy, but he’s not. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY tells you how terrible this guy is in talking to clients. He never got to a meeting in time and he made multiple mistakes in our short ordeal.

I’ve listed out all the reasons why I fired him because I want people to know how bad he really is.

Let me tell you what happened that forced me to fire him and his company. 

When I had hired hlm I thought very highly of Stephen. I had no idea that he is a narcissist. When I met him he had a very disrespectful and egoistic tone. 

Always Late for Meetings and Busy on Calls

I must point out that he had made me and my husband wait for 45 minutes for that meeting. Supposedly he was busy talking to someone else on the phone. 

As his client I felt humiliated but I let it go the first time. 

It got infuriating when the same thing happened on our second meeting. I was talking to him about something when he got a call and he picked it up right away. He had no hesitation and no consideration of the fact that he was in a meeting with a client. 

My husband hesitated a little but I pointed out that ‘we weren’t there to waste our time’. Stephan didn’t even acknowledge that! He just ignored me, like he always did when we had hired him. Everytime he did that irritating thing, it made my blood boil.

You don’t treat your customers that way. 

I had enough of it when he got late to our third meeting too! HE had gotten an appointment with us, but he still arrived late. He was supposed to meet us at our house and he was late by at least an hour. I had assumed that he wouldn’t arrive and had gone to do some errands. 

My husband called me when I was driving to inform me that Stephan had arrived. Obviously, I couldn’t get there in a click so I told him that I can’t make it to that meeting. 


Stephan’s other problem is his sexism. Whenever he would meet us, he would mostly talk to my husband. He would never listen to me and if he did, he would make it seem like I didn’t know what I was talking about.

He wouldn’t address my concerns and would only talk to my husband. I can’t even begin to explain how terrible I felt to just sit there as an invisible dummy. It felt humiliating. 

At first, I didn’t think Stephan is a sexist but I talked to some of his subordinates who told me how many times Stephan had made multiple sexist comments about the women in his office. 

He is obviously an uncivilised prick who doesn’t respect women. That’s why he never listened to me and never apologised to me. 

Even when we decided to fire him and his company, he tried to convince my husband that “he shouldn’t listen to me”. Imagine the level of arrogance that man has!

Covers Up His Mistakes

Whenever Stephan would make a mistake, (he made many), he would try to cover them up. Sometimes, he would blame his clients for his own mistakes!

For example, at our first meeting, he kept saying that we had arrived too early and that it’s unusual for someone to arrive that early. We had only arrived 10 minutes earlier than the meeting, but he didn’t want to admit his fault that he made his clients wait for more than 45 minutes. 

For his last meeting, he blamed the traffic and claimed that he was supposed to arrive on time. I don’t know what route he took that day because there was very low traffic, so I’m pretty sure he was lying then. Not only that, but our house is situated in a pretty convenient location as well. 

In his last meeting with my husband, he had told him that he shouldn’t listen to anything I say because I don’t know anything about wealth management. When I confronted him about it through a phone call, he denied saying it. He started claiming that my husband must’ve been lying to me. 

Why would my husband lie about Stephan’s advice? Stephan never accepts his mistakes and blames everyone else for his shortcomings. I had enough of that drama so I got rid of him and his company, Cassaday & Company Inc. The web is filled with too much disinformation, that’s why I thought he would be a great advisor. 

Nowhere on the internet would you find anything that says Stephan Cassaday is an arrogant retard. He has filled the internet with articles praising him. His credentials make him seem like an excellent professional too. But I’m pretty sure that he is leading his business to ruin. 

Don’t trust a word he says (or his website says). Those people are lying online and making it seem like Stephan Cassaday is an amazing financial advisor. He is a terrible professional who doesn’t respect his clients. Period. 

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