Bakers Fire,Water and Mold Restoration LLC

Bakers Fire,Water and Mold Restoration LLC

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Published: 29 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Contract given to this to demolish 62 foot long stone retaining wall and build new as per engineer drawing. As per contract the price was 5800 and 50% amount to be paid in advance but I paid 4000, which was more then 50%. This should have thrown RED FLAG but I ignored it…BIG MISTAKE… There was delay from the begining, right from obtaining engineer drawing, pulling permit , demolishing the wall , digging trench. I reminded owner of the company KEVIN BAKER to complete the job MANY MANY times but with no success. He demanded for additional 1000 when WALL WAS NOT EVEN TAKEN DOWN. He hardly showed for the job and that too alone many times for this job…Upon asking multiple time about dated to complete job, he either gave randon dates and jobs never finished on those dates. Later he stopped responding to dates and later even stop coming to the job site. Below is the letter which was sent to him on ALL 3 ADDRESS which was either on PERMIT/ON PA attorney general website/Insurance letter. But my letter is still not delivered even after few weeks. Company which have three different address at three different place is sign of unethical company. Company whose insurance is cancelled for unpaid bills reflect another sign of unethical company. Please be aware of this COMPANY and stay away from this company….They will rip you off and will run from your money. Below is the snapshot of demand letter which send to the company. +++++++++++++++++++ Dear Kevin Baker, On April 24, 2018 I enter into contractual agreement with your company u201cBaker restoration LLCu201d to replace 62u2019 RETAINING WALL at 100 W FIFTH BRIDGEPORT, PA 19405. Below is the high level scope of work as per contract. 1. Remove existing 62 foot of stone wall. 2. Remove any excess dirt. 3. Dig new concrete footer 36″ inches deep. 4. Build rebar cage and pour concrete. 5. Replace existing wall with block wall. 6. Put weep holes in wall. 7. Grout the block wall. 8. Stucco entire 62 foot wall. 9. Reseed grass area. 10. Replace 60foot of metal fencing. 11. Remove all debris from property. Total cost of project — 5800 Advance Paid — 4000 (contract stated 50%, but I still paid more) Upon Completion — 1800 Below is the snapshot of high level dates on this project so far Dates Event Days between events Cumulative days from signing Contract April-24-2018 Contract Signed May-05-2018 Engineer drawing obtained 11 11 May-15-2018 Township received Paper for permit 10 21 May-27-2018 Work Started 12 33 July-16-2018 Line item 1 is not 100% complete.Line item 2 is not 100% completeLine item 3 is not 60% completeAll other line items are not started. 50 83 Total Days so far on this project 83 As you can clearly see that 50 days have passed from actual start of the work, which is May-27th and 83 days have passed from signing of contract (April-24th). I do understand that this is an exterior work and weather may delay a project, but it is 50 days from start of the actual WALL WORK, which is way too much for this project. Also Note – My contract stated 50% deposit (2900) before start of work but I paid 4000 without asking too much question because I trusted you. Rest of the money is supposed to be paid at the completion of work but you requested for 1000 more, which was violation of the contract. From few weeks now, I have been requesting for one final date to complete the job and I am not getting any answer. All my calls are going to your voice mail and my calls are not being returned. I am reaching a point where my patience is wearing out and as a result of that I am writing this letter. For example u2018 On June-25 (which was wednesday) you informed me over TEXT MESSAGE that you are calling Steve for inspection next day and would be pouring concrete on Friday (June-27) and lay block on Monday and tuesday (June 30 and July 1). This indicated that total 6 days work is left but those 6 days are becoming endless. On June-27th (Friday), when I asked same question about completion, you responded Monday (June-30) Inspection and Tuesday (July 1) pour. Those dates are passed and no completion. There were 2 or 3 occasions wherein you bring more people and I see some good progress on those days, which gave me hope. But days get passed by when no one shows for work for many days and project stays at same status for many days. And that is the main reason why project is not completing. If the crew shows up every day then this project would have been done long time back. Having said this, I have reached at a point wherein I cannot delay this project anymore as it is greatly impacting my TENANTS ability to use backyard. This is the summer season and this is the time of the year when anyone with kids uses backyard. That was the main reason for them to rent my place. Other than this, this project is diverting my attention from other priorities and giving me too much stress. I would like to give you final opportunity to complete this project by July-30 and fulfill your contractual obligation. This contract will be terminated if work is not completed by Jul-30 5:00PM. Upon termination of contract, I would request you to return my deposit in good faith by Jul-30 5:00PM without me escalating matter to small claim court, which is not in anyoneu2019s good interest. Note – Money to be refunded will be difference between the cost to complete incomplete work by another contractor and 1800 (which is pending upon completion of work). I am extremely sad to send this letter but I am left with no choice. I hope you will complete this project by July-30 as stated in this letter. Thanks much

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