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Published: 28 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Bar Trading Corp, Samuel Barbosa da Cunha Clair Marc Darmudas Bank Guarantee Fraud by Bar Trading in Tokyo and New York!!

BANK GUARANTEE FRAUD/SCAM THIS IS TO WARN TO ALL INVESTORS THAT THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE FRAUDSTERS AND THIEVES, THEY HAVE STOLEN MONEY FROM INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANYu2019S BY TAKING A FEE OF (EURO180,000 or USD 300,000) FOR A BANK GUARANTEE TO BE MONITERISATION FOR TRADING. Promoters of the Fraud: Jorge Weisensee, Cape Town, South Africa, associate Brandon Onions. Jorge Weisensee introduced a Clair Marc Darmudas, Weisensee said he had known him for 15 years and Darmudas was able to acquire Bank Guarantees for trade from Barclays Bank. Organisation of the Fraud: Clair Marc Darmudas, Riga, Latvia. Clair Marc Darmudas on Weisensee introduction stated that he could have Barclays Bank London issue a EUR 500 million Bank Guarantee for a fee of USD 300,000 (at the time Euro 180,000) for trading with his co-director Samuel Barbosa da Cunha. Initiation of the Fraud: Samuel Barbosa da Cunha, Bar Trading Corp, registered head office Tokyo, USA office New York. Barbosa confirmed that once the fee for the Bank Guarantee had been paid Darmudas would have Barclays Bank London issue the Bank Guarantee for EUR 500 million, after which they would have the Bank Guarantee monetarised and the monies realised would be used by Bar Trading for trade, this would give a profitable percentage return per month to the client(s) in accordance with the signed agreements. Client Information Sheet (CIS): Issued by, Bar Trading Corporation. Whereas the CIS was issued with the personal information of the officers of the cooperation being, Samuel Barbosa da Cunha, DOB 21st September 1967, passport number YB03707067, Brazil, issued 4th October 2012, expire 3rd October 2106, and Clair Marc Darmudas, DOB 9th January 1957, passport number 761290622 GBR, issued 3rd March 2010, expire 3rd December 2020. Directors of Bar Trading Corp, Dr. S. B da Cunha (senior partner), Mr C. M. Darmudas (partner), the CIS signed and stamped with Bar trading corporate seal under penalty of perjury by Dr Samuel Barbosa da Cunha on 28th October 2014. The Trading Agreements: The CIS issued by Darmudas/Barbosa was followed by the issuance by Barbosa of two (2) agreements, an Asset Management Agreement, Transaction Code: BARC-500MEUR/Client-BAR1935 and a Master Participation Agreement for Private Placement. Both these documents were signed by Samuel Barbosa da Cunha over the corporate stamp of Bar Trading Corp and in turn by the clients represented. MOU issued for the issuance of the Bank Guarantee: Contract Agreement, Transaction Code: BARC 500M EUR-INT/CMD-BG. Party 1: The Provider of BG MT760 Issuer Barclays Bank PLC UK 500M EUR Intrasales Ltd Represented by CMDarmudas. No:761290622 Party 2: The Funder: Client Wire Transfer of Euro 180,000. On signing the MOU by all parties, the Euro 180,000 was TT to Intrasales Ltd account at Lloyds Bank, London for payment of the Euro 500 million Bank Guarantee Following Events: On a daily basis the parties who had paid the fee for the Bank Guarantee had contact with Barbosa and Darmudas either by phone or by email, assurances were given that the Bank Guarantee(s) had been issued, Darmudas said they were cleared by Euro Clear and the monetarising bank had agreed the LTV, weeks followed and nothing, then excuses the monetarising bank had to be changed, followed by many promises to pay by Darmudas. The Attorney General was written to in the state of New York as the agreements were made under the state laws, the Attorney General NY responded as being a civil matter. Lawyers wrote to Barbosa, his trading bank in Japan and Barclays Bank, London, all of which were ignored. Now back into fraud came Jorge Weisensee who by email (one of many) said that there had been a meeting in Riga between Barbosa, Darmudas and a Hisham Kanje and that Kanje was taking over from Barbosa. Summary: Despite many emails over many months from Weisensee and Darmudas that payment would be paid, or, payment had been sent, payment held up in bank, payment now next Tuesday along with many other excuses, nothing was ever paid. Complains were made to the British authorities with confirmation email from the FCA London that they were of the understanding that the people involved were being investigated. Conclusion: It is known that three groups (and possible others) have been subject to this fraud/scam, USA/Canada, Singapore and Australia all of which had dealings with the same people, the Singapore and Australian groups signed the same agreements with Barbosa and Darmudas, copies of these signed agreements can be made available. A rebuttal to the USA/Canada parties account of the fraud/scam is somewhat ambiguous and unfounded as they experienced the same fraud as the others two groups. Noting: Clair Marc Darmudas whilst living in Carson City was named with a group for impersonating federal officers with Euro Bank Trust Corp, He was involved with Luis Nobre in London over a Bank Guarantee Scam, taking Euro 100 million from Allseas, Nobre got twelve years prison, Darmudas was issued a court order to repay a substantial amount back, after making a commitment to repay he fled London to Latvia, the repaid money was never sent. He was declared bankrupt in July 2015. Samuel Barbosa da Cunha named on whistle blowers for money laundering with a Sheng Rong over a USD 40 billion deposit with HSCB in London, the bank documents were said to be forgeries. Barbosa recent Bank Guarantee fraud/scam resulted in him being arrested at Heathrow airport and released under investigation, the reports said he receiving USD 500 million from the Angolan government, on the way to London he said he had stopped off in Riga to see his friend (Darmudas) to brag on his masterminded Angola deal. Barbosa and Darmudas denied all knowledge of fraudulently taking money from Florida retirees and an Australian Group in the articles reporting the Angola Fraud/Scam. All copies of the documents that have been sent to the authorities can be provided to any genuine person/group who has fallen victim to similar frauds. The contents summarised in this Ripoff Scams can be fully supportive, any ambiguity or unsubstantiated content is stated without Prejudice.

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