Barricks Tire Sales

Barricks Tire Sales

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Published: 28 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to get 2 tires for my car on Friday and was greeted by a rude tire mechanic. He had us pull in and asked how many tires i wanted, so i looked at my tires and i was trying to figure out witch ones were bad, then he said “Hurry up so we can get started!” I have to remind you that this guy is the owners son. It was only 10 sec when i started looking at the car, when he said that. Then when they did start working on the car, He took off the tire and ripped out the valve for the tire and sprayed dust and dirt all over my wife and child and me! There were no signs saying we could not be in the shop, and when i told the lady at the counter she said “You should have not been in there” and i said i had to be the one to pull my car in the shop, so we had to be in there at least to get out. I wasnt threating to sue or any thing, but that guy needs his a** kicked! I didnt say that to her but i sure feelt like kicking his a**! She basicly stuck up for the guy and didnt even give me a discount! I will never go back to these cheap a**es again! And i dont recommend anyone to that place! You might accidentally get run over by redneck tire mechanic “whos the owners son” and get hurt or killed! Scott Newbloomfield, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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