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Published: 13 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Here is a story for consideration and I can provide any supporting documents. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE NEWS BASTA, Inc. advertises themselves as a non-profit organization that fights for tenant evictions. As part of a public service, I have requested to see the following documents which by law is supposed to be made publicly available especially if they are grossing over $2mm annually. I have contacted their offices and all the board members for PUBLIC information, but they have ignored my multiple requests. Yesterday, I contacted CA Nonprofits, and with their accessibility to IRS and GuideStar, they also were not able to locate public information as required by the Attorney Generalu2019s Registry of Charitable Trusts, a part of Public Rights Division Civil Code 1798.17. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General, The following individuals are part of the Board Members with a political agenda tied to this organization: Daniel J. Bramzon CEO of Basta Inc. Bryan Sullivan=Bryan is well-known in the community for his non-profit activism and work on political campaigns. He is involved as an officer or director of several non-profit groups, including Basta, Inc., a tenantsu2019 rights group. n April of 2014, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Bryan to the City of Los Angelesu2019 Affordable Housing Commission where Bryan served until March 2018 when he resigned to join Mayor Garcettiu2019s reelection campaign. Alejandro Menchaca-President of the Latino Professional Network assisted Garcetti in the election process with LATINO election support. Requested Documents From BASTA and they, FAILED TO SUPPLY -Three most recently filed annual information returns (IRS FORM 990) and proof of application for tax-exemption, demonstrating a commitment to transparency. -Annual Audited Financials for BASTA Inc. You may want to know why I started digging into this and trying to understand the role of this firm and how powerless I was in protecting my family. I recently bought a triplex and reside in one of the units with my partner and our two 9 year-old sons on 11/9/2017. With the market conditions and our affordability, we had limited choices for a residence in the city of LA and bought a distressed property. After the close of Escrow, we informed tenants in the two units that work needed to be done due to re-piping, new roof, and flooring. We offered the tenants relocation, but one of the units refused, so we worked around their wishes with 24 hour notices provided, there were NO VIOLATIONS FROM HUD, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SAFETY, LADBS ON OUR REPAIRS. On 12/6/2019 we provided the tenant with landlord rules and regulations (basic stuff, not to park unauthorized vehicles, pick up their dogu2019s waste). In the mean time they are prepping themselves with BASTA Inc. for monetary avenues. On 12/7/2019 the occupant proceeded with a battery on my fiancu00e9, resident of the triplex. And on 1/5/2018 the eldest son pointed his fingers in the form of a gun on my fiancu00e9, general manager of the property. The occupant is an undocumented immigrant with no lease nor rental agreement, no security deposits. We served them with a 3day notice to quite due to nuisance and battery. Of course they are still occupying the unit as for BASTA smells money to be retrieved, new owner, renovation= Money. We were granted restraining orders against the occupants, but yet BASTA encourages them to occupy till we settle with them on a monetary amount. I have two kids living in the same complex, and it is a daily nightmare living in fear. How is the JUST? How can the City support such organizations with such representation? This is the tactic BASTA is taking to take money from the landlords, despite the validity of the reasoning on the eviction. With the support of Garcetti (who I have emailed numerous times and no responses) who is leading the HUD, Building and Safety, Health and Safety. They create a factious case with false claims on violations, then they send you over 100 interrogatories, and TWIST the case with ADMISSIONS ex. Admit you knew there is a disabled person in the house; Admit you are in violation to etc. etc. NONE of which is correct. They pursue to request a JURY TRAIL regardless of the content, WHY? Because landlords pay a lot of money to settle the case and avoid legal fees. So this is a non-profit organization who is literally doing fraudulent activity and work.

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