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Published: 07 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Bengal Cat Breeder Sara Sutek Buyer sharing about what she experienced with this bengal cat breeder, Illinois!!

Mar 03, 2011 Rating my expierience by: kathy w I too had the same expierience with a certain bengal breeder from Franklin Park, Illinois, her name was Sara Sutek. Well Sara Sutek sells sick cats. She misrepresented the kitten over the phone to me. I strongly urge no one to buy a kitten over the phone unseen. When I got there the kitten was not the color she claimed it to be. She acted wierd and didnt want me to hold the kittem for some reason and insisted on me putting it in the carrier right away so we could fill out the papers. When we started driving away I took her out of the carrier and her eyes definitly were infected. I called the womwn and she claimed it was a reaCTION TO ONE OF THE VACCINATIONS AND WOULD GO AWAY. Well I had her to the vets immediatly the next day. They did a stool sample and she had what they call spinners as a parasite that sometimes comes from drinking stagnant water. The woman had bottles and bottles of water that she claimed she had to boil her water for her It obviosly was stagnant. She also had cinjunctivitis and upper respitory. The kitten never got better and her stomach did seem to get bigger. One day she was down when I came home and we took her to the emergency. They said she was too smnall to do tests on and recommended putting her down. The contract stated I had to contact her before making any decisions about the kitten. She failed to hold up her end of the contracxt and the kitten died. I was left broke with no kitten. I understand sometimes bengal breeders form what they call a circle and sell each others cats from one ad. I dont believe it was her kitten and she blocked me from her phone and couldnt contact here. I did call the state inspector and send them to her house and they said it was not the first time they had been called on her.PLASMA

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