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Published: 29 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was deemed disabled Feb 2018 by the disability court judge. I was waiting for my back pay for my disability. Was living in Florida at the time. My now husband (but was just my boyfriend at the time) had a daughter and 2 grandsons in Maine. Eldest grandson’s bday was in October. I asked, out of curiousity if there were any empty trailers. The daughter said yes and told us to contact Tina as she was the park manager at the time. So I called Tina and was talking to her and informed her that my husband and I are disabled and therefore no problem paying our rent as it was fixed and was being paid by the Federal Goverment (SSDI). What my husband and I wanted to do was come up and visit our grandsons as one’s bday was end of October and others is the end of Novemeber. We were going to just celebrate both when we came to Maine. Tina informed me via a lot of back and forth in emails that I had to mail 1000 USD via money order to her that she will hold till we arrived before placing it in Bertrand’s bank account. The way she was talking and how I felt was that a lot of people wanted to buy the empty trailer they had. So to secure it we sent the 1000 USD money order that was purchased by Amscot in Gainesville, Florida. Keep in mind we thought this was a good deal cause Tina had Rick’s daughter to send us pics of the trailer. The pics my husband and I saw were very nice inside and was told that it just needed a touch up in order to make it our own. A touch up to me is some new paint and curtains, maybe some pictures or knicknacks. But when we got here it was not what we saw in the pics 🙁 1. The water heater was leaking. 2. no tile or carpet in one of the bedrooms along with a broken window. 3. coming up tile in bathroom and kitchen. 4. no insulation what so ever. 5. mold and a stingy smell in the master bedroom. 6. underneath the vanity there is a cabinet and the back of the inside of the cabinet was totally open. 7. the trim was not secure or attached to shower or around the toilet. 8. dead yellow jacket or bee hive by the back door. 9. the door that is for the spare room is not a door, it looks like something that came from a barn stall. 10. the master bedroom door is hard to close and no way to lock it. 11. the bathroom door has a whole in it sort of like a doggie door. 12. during the Summer of 2018 yellow jackets were coming in our home. Later to find out there was a huge hive under the trailer embedded into the little insulation that is under the house. 13. never have I ever seen a trailer that didn’t have a spicket outside for a hose. 14. there is a small whole in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. 15. the hosing for the stove was missing (so in order to cook) we had to buy the hosing. 16. a few months ago we caught 10 mice in less then 24 hours. I called Bert up and told him we had a mice issue and his response “it’s normal as I get mice too” I am sorry I am grew up in trailers and never saw mice inside them. So it was a way to brush me off. 17. when he ended up evicting my husband’s daughter and her family due to being way behind in rent. He told us they were banned from the park and if they came in they would be arrested and we could get kicked out too. I was like WTF we own our home and we are not in arrears with you and because of someone elses actions we will be homeless that is not right Bert. Then tried to say he whole family was banned from the park. I told him I am sorry Bert but you are wrong holding it against a 9 yr old and a 3 yr old because of the actions of their mother. I said my grandsons will be here visiting with us but the parents won’t step in the park. I said my hubby and I would go pick them up. He then agreed to allow the 2 kids in the park to visit us. And said he has eyes in the park that will inform him if they stepped in the park. 18. the neighbor that lived next to us Elizabeth Levy aka “Liz” was an alcoholic and possible drug user or pill popper. Was either blaring music from 10pm till the sun come up some days or be arguing and fighting so loud. One night my grandsons were here and the eldest had school the next morning and therefore they were in bed. They were getting where they were not in tight sleeps cause of this rude neighbor. So I went next door to ask her nicely to turn things down please. When I did she came after me, chased me out of the door and threatened to call the cops which in return I dared her too. Well she did! But it was her that got in trouble after the cops came to my door in the middle of the night and asked me questions. I always had problems (and told Bert he needed to do something about it) But he basically said it was my responsibility. She even threatened my dog to her face that she would kill her. She would peek in my windows which forced us to buy less food for us so we could get curtains to keep her peeping eyes out of our house. A few times I have called the cops on her out of control temper and behaviours. The last time the cops came he left but then came back with a piece of paper. The piece of paper was a cease of harrassment against her for me. I was like thank you sir. He says I am the one that mainly comes out when we are called and said he knew her and how she was so he wanted something to protect me and my family more. He took it to her for her to sign (she refused to sign it) and threw it at the cop. 19. Where the stackable washer goes was all open you can see outside. 20. When some pipes with the shower system broke it leaked all the way through the spare room and still baffled how that was possible being so much space between bathroom and spare room as the open washer area is between the bathroom and spare room so not sure how it reached the spare room and would have flooded it if we not catch it in time. I see issues now I don’t bother calling to tell him cause he doesn’t care. I just take note of it and go on with my life. Pretty sure the electric is poorly installed. I paid rent to Tina and Darryl for approximately 2-3 months till I got Bertrand’s address so I can set up rent via online banking bill pay with my bank. Been sending rent this way since approximately Jan 2015. Well Oct 2019 I got the the bill pay check sent to him from my bank sent to me saying his address was insufficient and was unable to forward on a little yellow sticker the post office placed on the envelope. I am not no longer sending him money as pretty sure it will just be sent back to me. You should see the road the children in the park have to play on as well as what we have to drive on. His brother plows the park or maybe it is a friend but he doesn’t know how to plow. He plows and instead of him putting the snow in open spaces where there is no home he blocks are cars in. There is at least one other couple in the park that is disabled so you want us disabled people to plow even more snow. Now we fear he is letting the park go possibly could try file for bankruptcy as he doesn’t take pride in his park. If this is the case we may not get any plowing in our mobile park. Which means we will be trapped in the park in our homes. If that happens it will jeopardize me. I am having a Complex Total Hip Replacement in November 2016. I will need to go to my follow up dr appts as well as either have therapy come to my home or me to the office but if we stuck in the house cause no plowing done I am in serious medical trouble. First responders have trouble going through this park. The Town Accessor as well as the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer has had drive through this park and are not impressed. The Town Accessor told me the current value that he had on our trailer was 3200 or 3400. He paid the seller of this trailer 2000 for it. He sold to us for 4500 (which was paid in installments). We paid the installment payments along with 295 a month for lot rent. Which while we were paying him that large amount we lived off Ramen Noodles. Things were really tight as he was getting approximately half our total income if not over half of it. The stove that was in died completely end of 2018 and ended up buying a stove Jan 2016. Freezer would thaw then refreeze our freezer items. Fridge would freeze things too. Didn’t work as it should. So when the one next to me left I swapped refrigerators with her. It is a 1968 Americana 12×48 Single Wide Trailer. Oh also paid in full Feb 2018 and still no bill of sale to prove it is ours. When we called the Town Accessor again he informed us that the trailer we bought is in the name of Richard Eichelberger either a former or current business partner. That is my husband and I’s last name but that is not my husband’s first name. We fear to be homeless. We are really in a messy situation. Had I……………. 1. knew the year and size of the trailer. 2. got the real pics of what the trailer really looked like inside. 3. saw pics of how the roads were in the park. 4. had I known there was an obnoxious neighbor next door that was an alcoholic and trouble. 5. had I known about this site and was able to run his name I would have never bought the trailer from him, wouldn’t have sent the 1K money order to hold it for us. Instead we would have done our normal plan of coming up between the grandsons’ bdays and then return back to Florida to the nice condo we had. Would have never put our life in storage in Florida. Pack our car with things we could fit in the car and our 3 cats and dog and move to Maine into this piece of s*** trailer he sold us. He saw secure steady monthly money coming to him. He had made the comment a few times that if someone would pay him 1 million dollars he sell it in a heartbeat. But this park is not worth that much. If he took pride into his park he wouldn’t keep renting to people that don’t pay their rent. If he keep the park up as he is suppose to. Fix the road, put the right size filter on the water, and have trailers that are not older then me for rent or sell. A lot of times the water pressure sucks, sucks so bad that it is hard to take showers. He needs to pay for screwing people over. He should pay my 4500 back and then some. I am now trying to find a place for us to move in case we get kicked out. Two disabled people (one with many medical issues) and 4 furry children shouldn’t possibly be ending up living in our car or the streets. So if anyone can help us find out how to protect ourselves from getting screwed by him more or can help find a decent min 2 bedroom home that allows pets and at least has a bathtub so I can soak in my eczema medicine, it would be greatly refreshing and appreciated. He has tenants in this park tearing down trailers. But doesn’t get them a dumpster or let them use something he has that can hold the big pieces of the torn down trailers. One ex tenant here asked him if she could move a new trailer in here and had it sound like she could but only if she tear down the trailer of where she wanted to put it. When this was torn down he renigged and said no, so that tenant ended up moving out of the park. I could add more but think this is enough of a picture of this so called man! I do have pictures of what the inside of my home looks like before my husband did some quick fixes that are not the best but we refused to drop money into to fix it up if we could end up losing it by having it sold from under us. The emergency heater shut off switch doesn’t work. We have dropped over 100 dollars into fixes not including the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector we had to buy as it wasn’t in the trailer either and he has gotten from us the price of the trailer and lot rent a total of 11,285 in just 2 years time.

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