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Published: 06 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Bethesda Fallout New Vegas Released a game that is so broken it is causing PS3’s to freeze and crash, making the game unplayable. Internet!!

I pre-purchase Fallout New Vegas back in Sept, picked it up on the release date at the store where I had pre-purchased it from. I loaded it on to me PS3 system and tired to play the game, no sooner than an hour into it the game it froze and I had to restart my PS3 game system. I restated my system and 10 mins later it froze again. I tried all the fixes that people had posted on the Bethesda Fallout New Vegas forums web site and it did not do much to help. I continued to try and play this game only to have it keep freezing and locking up my PS3, forcing me to have to shut it down and restart. Finally after about 3 weeks in one location in the game my PS3 finally froze for the last time and will no longer turn on, I searched there forums and found someone else had the same issues in that location as me. Im not the only one who is having these freezing issues making the game unplayable, there are post all over there forums for all 3 platforms stating the same issues. All we have gotten from the company is that a patch is in the works, with no release date and what about those who do not have an internet connection? How are they going to get there purched game fixed. It is irresponsible of a company to release this product in the conduction there us games have received.

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