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Published: 28 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I Bought a 2005 nissan Altima from German (sales man at Big Valley) i putted $4,000.00 as down payment, I had the worse experience of mi life, due to the fact that this car never ran good, the car had transmission problems and battery will keep getting low at all times, when I first took the car to get insured, the car wouldn’t even start to take the insurance pictures, i keept going back and forth to dealer but car was never fix properly and transmisson still not working……. i turned the car back in and German took it, I asked him for my $4,000.00 back and his answer was: that money was used for taxes???? and that there won’t be no refund, I also sent them a couple letters asking for my money but they completly ingnored me and when I call, they just said, do weatever you want to do! and huned up the phone! I haven’t seen a panny back, stay away from this dealer! this is bad business!

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