Bill Iger

Bill Iger

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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Ladies, RUN from this walking red flag! I met Sgt. Bill Iger right after the most traumatizing time in my life, which made me easy prey for this predator. ALL of the red flags were there (never married at 46, no kids, arrogant, perfect body, narcissistic, punishing, d****ey spiked hair, hanging out at kids clubs hitting on women like that creepy old guy) but I was too weak at the time to see, and trusted this guy despite…fell for the mask and good guy act he put on to hook me. I was so hurt and shared that with him, was honest and open about everything, the pain and suffering of many recent traumas…I was in a dark place which made it SO easy for him to use and abuse me. Here’s how he was mentally abusive to me: -He NEVER ONCE gave me a compliment, CONSTANT put downs…my hair was ugly, my shoes were ugly, I was crazy (ya I just went through major trauma), white trash (I’m a successful, educated girl, from upper middle class who’s traveled the world teaching, etc), a druggie, he’d make fun of all of my swimsuits, EVERYTHING about me was wrong…he showed NO emotion or affection and would cringe if I even went to kiss him on the cheek…humiliating…I couldn’t tell my friends the truth I was too ashamed…ABUSE kills your self esteem, I felt so low and ugly and kept thinking if I was prettier and better he’d like me, I even bought sexier clothes, straighten my hair, then he’d criticize me for being a s**t or trashy, etc. Every time we’d hang I’d go to his house, he’d never take me out on a date or ever eat a meal w me….he’d get me wasted, f**k my aggressively, then kick me out RIGHT after, DRUNK, driving 45 mins home, I used to cry all the way home I’d feel so used, crying while driving drunk dangerous combo lol. I could have died, worse, killed someone else all those times. 9 months of this….then he’d ignore me for days, come back when he was horny or none of his other playthings were around, make plans last minute EVERY time, disappear the whole week of my period, when I was sick and needed someone, etc. i tried to date other people and explore new things sexually to take my mind off him, find a guy not psychologically abusive who’d return my affection. In 8 months bill never once held me, comforted me, compromised, showed ANY affection, wanted any commitment, but felt entitled to break into my phone and freak I was seeing other guys bcz he was using me….um, PSYCHO I begged him not to use and break my heart, told him I had feelings for him and was already devastated, but he didn’t care, he cruelly used me up until I had no shred of self esteem left then vanished into thin air after telling me I was crazy and a fake, and every other put down. I’ve never been put down so much, and he disguised that as him HELPING ME hahahaha, my therapist laughed, people who care and want to help show affection, compassion, are available, w him it’s a self-serving power trip of a typical Narcissist user player. Now I’m doubly broken, coping w the abuse Sgt Bill Iger used to hurt and chip away at my self esteem. This guy is heartless, psychologically abusive, control freak, almost got me killed all those times…UGH I deserved better and have always been the best, loyal, fun, girlfriend to all the good guys I dated. Bill Iger is NOT one of the good guys, it’s all an act to hide the anger and ugliness inside of him. I ignored the red flags and instincts, friends’ warnings after witnessing his abusiveness, because I was weak at the time… DONT fall for this good guy act! Things will quickly change to psych abuse and cold cruelty!!!

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