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Blue green

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Published: 15 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

These is to inform others of the Scam, that the BLUEGREEN vacations is a scam. They Lie, and miss lead you, have you falsely put information on contract. They write all these special gifts, and promises on a sheet of paper and the rewards you will get for using their credit card. But a copy of that paper never gets to your file folder they give you. They get your ID and than when you try to leave the start talking about something else. They are very, very hi pressure and force full. You are wore down before you sign the contract which you never get to read the have the pages turned and the place to sign marked and hi lighted tellingyou this is basically??? and sign right here. Nothing they promised us ever came to pass!!!!! We have never been able to book anything basically because everything they told us was a lie. There is something that most of there clients don’t know about these peopl, YOU Can Not get out of this contract, it is for the rest of your life. Once your loan is paid off they will send you bills for maintance fees and all kinds of little charges that accumulate quickly. We have never been able to use our plan, they lock you out and continue to run up your bills. I A m contacting the attorney general of my home state and getting a petition signed by the 5-6 hundred very upset people and sending it to every attorney general in every state they have a resort office. These people are Scam artist and they need to be responsible for their actions.

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