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Published: 26 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Started off as an independent driver recruiter for this company. With in weeks I as asked (in writing that I still have) to join the company’s managerment team while they relaunched, opened a location in Dallas and many more exciting milestgones int he Dallas Area. Over 3 months later here I am, was decieved to put in hundreds of hours of work and the VP of the company is yelling, threatening and rudely responding to all my invoices and payment requests, as if she has no clue why I would be sending the invoice. This is infuriating because I have countless copies of emails, text, etc that show that same VP praising me, offering me a fixed salary, FT employment with benefits, company car and a company cell. I guess some bad things are happening at the company and they don’t have enough operating capital as they hoped; however this was nearly 300 hours of technical, marketing and clerical work that I am able to clearly show was done and was completed to the companies satisfaction as well. Truck Drivers, Recruiters and any prospective new hire, client or prospect of Blue Moon, BEWARE!!!!!! They walk and talk like business professionals with morals and ethics, buit when push comes to shove they didn’t give me a second though and quite literally are acting like I am they crazy person and they’ve done nothing to cause my ridiculous requests for money.

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