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Published: 01 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

I am going to have to talk to Rod Ryan about the ridiculous service I had.In brief: They did a so called ‘Professional Diagnostic’ on my car, and advised to replace the AC compressor, AC condensor, Dehydrater, for $3,400.They said the compresser is seized, condensor and dehydrator is bad. VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE MANAGER ‘THOA HUYNH’I took it to my personal mechanic, diagnosed for problems, ALL parts were working FINE. Got the car fixed for $200, including parts.EDIT*We had Hurricane Irene hit NJ. When I called BMW OF NA and filed a complaint, they advised me to have the car taken back to have a re-diagnosis done. During this time they had given me a loaner car. My car was disabled, so i requested them for a grace period of 1 more day for the loaner car, and Mario said ‘NO, YOU HAVE TO BRING THE CAR IN TODAY’I had no means to get to work next day and I had to get the car back to them and get my car towed out of the dealer to my house. 1 Week passed by with all the trouble I had to face with no means of transportation and HEFTY RIP OFF QUOTE FROM MARIO OF $3,400.Can somebody tell me how professionally they had diagnosed the car when they didnt even take anything apart… I mean how do you professionally diagnose the car? Open the hood and visually see whats wrong? Their conclusion was the COMPRESSOR IS SEIZED, CONDENSOR IS BAD AND DEHYDRATOR IS BAD…SO ANSWER ME – HOW THE HECK DID MY MECHANIC DIAGNOSE THE CAR??.. ALL PARTS WERE FINE.. THE CAR RUNS SMOOTH AND WONDERFUL..YOU PEOPLE CALL YOURSELF.. BMW SPECIALISTS?? YOU CHEAT PEOPLE.. AND NOW WE WILL SPREAD THE WORD AROUND.. EVEN IF ONE PERSON SEES THIS AND WAS THINKING OF BUYING A CAR AT YOUR PLACE.. YOU WILL LOSE THE SALE.. AND I AM D**N SURE MR. RYAN WON’T BE HAPPY WITH THIS.

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