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Published: 05 December 2022

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I was hired on at Subway as a manager by the Director of Operations, Rodrieck Mitchell, at a salary of $575 per week plus a bonus of $120 / week. My first paycheck was for training and did not include the bonus, but the salary was correct. After starting at my store, when I got my 2nd check, I noticed that they had changed my salary to $455 / week. This is for a MANAGEMENT position, which is salaried, and the required hours to be worked are a minimum of 51. I brought this up to my supervisor, Alicia, who was new to the position (she got promoted after I was hired). She took it up with her boss, then reported back to me that Rodrieck no longer works for the company and there must have been a miscommunication about my pay. She stated that my pay was to be a TOTAL of $575 INCLUDING the bonus. I argued with her about it for a couple of weeks and they refused to pay me what I had originally been told. I put in my two weeks notice and Alicia convinced me to stay on temporarily working at an hourly rate to train the new manager that was to take my place. I agreed to continue working at a rate of $9.60 / hour. Alicia said she could for sure get me put in at $9 / hour and I would be able to get the .60 raise since I completed my online training. I even have the text messages to prove it. When I got my first hourly check, they paid me at $8 / hour. I brought this issue up to Alicia and asked her to have it fixed by the next check, including back pay for the previous check. Needless to say, I got my next check and the issue was still unresolved. This company is constantly losing employees for pretty much the same reasons- not getting paid what they’re supposed to. It is well known among the employees that work for this company that they tell people they’re going to get paid a higher amount and then they lower the amount once they get them in the door, yet no one seems to speak out against it. I would like to receive the pay I am owed, but my main concern is to make sure they don’t do this to anyone else! Do not work for this company! They will deliberately lie to you to get you to start working, then screw you over. They also owe me reimbursement for store keys I had to have made for my employees. I turned in the receipt and the reimbursement form over a month ago and still have not been reimbursed for it.

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