Bonnie Simon at Corporate Credibility

Bonnie Simon at Corporate Credibility Review

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Published: 11 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Bonnie Simon at Corporate Credibility Bonnie Simon Bonnie Simon is a SCAM Beware Realtors!!! Las Vegas, Nevada!!

Bonnie Simon said she charges $735 for regular filling and$1135 for RUSH. Bonnie said it will take7-10 days for a rush job. When I talkedto the bank they told me it shouldnt take that long. I called and emailed the Nev Sec of State andthey told me it should NOT take that long. On the 9th day, Nev Sec of State said its still NOTfiled. I called Bonnie Simone and withmy persistence, Bonnie filed my LLC on the same day which is the 9thworking day a day before her 7-10 working days. She sent me the poor quality files viaemail NO nice hard copy in the mail shesaid thats another $50.00 and I had to print it myself all crooked. Her assistant Susan said it takes them a whileto put it together. This is a lie asthis is a template obviously that they already have in their computer. All they had to do is input my informationwhich is my company info. When you checkin the Nev Sec of State there is not much they did that suppose to take them 9days. Other companies told me I reallygot taken and especially if Nev Sec of State told me it shouldnt have takenthat long. It should have filed within48 hrs. So I complained to BonnieSimon. She told Susan I will get $145CREDIT for the next year Resident filling. I found out I missed the 30 days filling of officers so I asked her howmuch to help me. She said another $500plus she refused to use my $145 credit towards it. She said it ONLY applies to my next yearresident filling. AVOID Bonnie Simon andher company. To me this is UNETHICAL andwill tell other Realtors about her. Toobad I referred my sister to her to open her LLC with their company. There is a saying, ONE unhappy client tell 20and each of those 20 will tell 20 more and so on and so on. Dear Bonnie and Susan,I finally had a better review of my record yesterday when I was in thebank and found out that you didnt do the filling on my LLC until the lastminute Dec 22nd. First, I gave the cheque to Bonnie to get itexpedited on Tuesday the 7th but I did not get confirmation untilDec 9th. You said 7-10 working days to expedite it. Thatis fine with me as long as you really filed it right away. Concerned thatit is still NOT showing at Nevada Secretary of State, I emailed you on the 16th,and Susan responded We are ontrack to receive confirmation of your filing within the 7-10 working daysprocess (below). This is a liesince you did not file my LLC until the 22nd which is on the 9thworking day!! Besides from calling Nevada Secretary of State, I alsoemailed them to check if you really filed (read below). Im also toldfrom the bank that its really fast especially when I paid rush it should havebeen done within 24 hours (I will call Nev Sec of State again toconfirm). In my case I would have understood a bit longer but certainlyyou filling it in the last minute is definitely unacceptable.I want my money back onexpediting it since I paid you for it. If I remember, which I will goback in my records the regular filling is $735 and with the rush it is$1135. I am upset that it took you 9 working days before you filed my LLCwhen this is suppose to be a rush?

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