Brenner Cadillac Oldsmobile

Brenner Cadillac Oldsmobile

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Published: 13 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 2/20/07 I took my 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora to Brenner Cadillac Oldsmobile Inc to check why my Low Engine Coolant message was showing in my car. I was concerned because I just filled the engine coolant a few says prior and was not sure what the problem could be. Later that afternoon Bruce from Brenner contacted me and stated I needed somethings replaced. He stated I needed a new water pump and a water pump cover gasket. He also stated he preformed a coolant flush and that my car was checked over and there was no coolant leaking. When I picked up my car that evening I paid $599.38 by check #786. After reviewing the invoice I noticed that I was not charged for the diagnosis for my car, which Bruce told me was done. Then on 3/8/07 I had to return my car to Brenner Cadillac, for the same problem. This time the bill totaled $830.02, which I paid with a credit card. This time I was told by Bruce that my car needed to have the radiator replaced and upper and lower radiator hoses replaced. I questioned why this was not done on 2/20/07. Bruce advised me he did understand why this happened and that he will have his men at the shop check over my car two times to make sure all is finally fixed. Again I was told that my car was checked by the diagnosis machine and once again not on my receipt. On 3/19/07 low engine coolant shows up on my message lamp. I dropped my car off and advised Bruce at this point I was very upset and needed to have this finally resolved. Later on that day I received a call from Bruce’s manager, he explained that my car would be close to $3000.00 to be fixed. He advised me that I needed to replace my head gaskets and was not sure why the car was still leaking engine coolant. I advised him that this should have been resolved back in Feburary when I first dropped my car off for the exact problem. I also told him that if my car was being checked with the diagnosis machine, why was this not detected and properly fixed. All he did was appologize and advised me he felt sorry for what I have been through. At this point I asked since I spent $1429.40 with his company could I be reimbursed. He told me to come in and speak to Joel, a sales consultant to see if he can place me into a better car. I went to speak to Joel on 3/21/07, and he advised me that he was authorized to use the $1429.40 that I spent on repairing my car and use it towards another car they had in their lot. I took the time and looked around the lot but I did not find anything I could really afford. I was still quite upset with these gentlemen and how they were trying to push me into another car. The only way I would be able to have my money refunded was if I purchased a car from them. I feel like I’ve been robbed. I feel like if they really wanted to help me they would have just refunded my money . If this company felt that they were in the wrong enough to use the money from the repairs of my Oldsmobile towards another car of theirs which to them is the same as cash, then why when I did not want to purchase a car from them was my money not refunded to me? Janelle Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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