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Published: 05 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Brentleys Asphalt Inc. Terribly sloppy work – did not fulfill contract – will not honor 1-year warranty Fort Collins, Colorado!!

I Hired Brentleys Asphalt Inc. of Fort Collins Colorado in May 2010 to repair a section of my asphalt driveway, fill cracks in the driveway, and clean and sealcoat the driveway surface. The first red flag indicating these guys may not be trustworthy was the fact that they would not agree to schedule work at a time when I could be present. They ended up coming to my house to do the job in June 2010 while I was on vacation with my wife and four daughters. When returning home I found that they did an unbelievably shoddy and sloppy job repairing a 30 foot long section of my asphalt driveway and sealcoating the driveway. Repaired Section of Driveway: The edges of the newly laid asphalt in the 30 foot section of driveway that was repaired were jagged and irregular and did not align with the rest of the drive. Even worse was the fact that Brentleys Asphalt did not lay enough new asphalt in the repaired area thus leaving the entire 30 foot section of new asphalt several inches below the rest of the driveway surface. A low spot like this holds water resulting in premature failure due to freezing and thawing. In fact that is what the Brentleys Asphalt estimator told me was why that section of my drive failed in the first place. Given they knew a low spot caused the original driveway surface to fail in the first place it is hard to believe they created an even more severe low spot with their repair work and didn’t think twice about it. After complaining about this shoddy work and sending in pictures, they did come out and add more asphalt to fill in the low spot they had left. Sealcoating of Driveway: In July 2010 shortly after they fixed the repaired section of the driveway I noticed several areas all over the driveway where the sealcoating was flaking off in large pieces. Upon inspection it was apparent that they did not even clean the asphalt surface to be seal coated as required by the contract. Amazingly, they actually applied the sealcoat over patches of dirt that were on the asphalt surface to be coated. In some cases the dirt patches were 1/2 inch deep and one to two square feet! Needless to say seal coal flaked right off these areas shortly after it was applied. I sent the Company president, Brentley Props, pictures of the areas where sealcoat was applied over dirt! along with several certified letters asking him to correct the situation and follow through with the one-year warranty on workmanship and materials stated in our contract. Foolishly, in the spirit of cooperation, I sent them a check for $2000 to compensate them for repairing the 30-foot section of driveway (the total contract was for $3000). Instead of working with me to resolve the problem Mr. Brentley Props cashed the $2000 check then threatened to file a mechanics lien on my property. To avoid the court hassle associated with a lien I paid the remaining $1000 of the contract and again in a certified letter asked Brentleys Asphalt to honor their 1-year warranty. They again cashed the $1000 check but will not respond to my request for warranty work. Next Steps: Brentleys Aspalt Inc. of Fort Collins did the sloppiest work I have ever seen then harrassed me with the threat of a mechanics lien when I tried to get them to honor the warranty of our contract. I have dealt with many contractors before but never anyone as bad as these guys. I feel obligated to warn other consumers about this unscupulous contractor and will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Colorado and will report them to other websites that expose crappy contractors such as Brentleys Asphalt Inc. To get my situation remidied I will file a case against Brentleys Asphalt Inc in Colorado small claims court. I just wanted my driveway fixed properly. Now I have to spend the summer preparing a small claims court case to get what I already paid for……..nice Brentleys, real nice.

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