Bucceri Kennels and Dog Training

Bucceri Kennels and Dog Training

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Published: 08 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I’m appalled to see that Buck is still in Business! In March of 2018 I contacted Buck about a GSP Puppy. I spoke to him over the phone and was told by him that he had the best dogs and that he had several puppys to choose from. My 7yr old son and I drove several hours to visit him (I wanted to see his facility and dogs before committing to buying one of his). Buck and I agreed to meet on a Saturday morning. When I arrived he was not there…I had to wait for some time for him to arrive. I did see the puppy mill he had which was sad for the puppy’s and dogs living in deplorable conditions. The dogs were housed in raised (several feet off of the ground) wire mesh kennels that had piles of feces that nearly reached the kennels floor. the nfortunatly gave Buck $850 Buck finally arrived and showed a very young litter that had been born. He tried to sell me a puppy from another litter that had not sold. Buck can be very convinciing and I feel for it. He told me that if I gave him $850 that day that he’d give me a discount and that he’d hold a dog for me. I never took a dog. After leaving and thinking about it and what I’d seen I thought that I should cancel the check. I should have gone with my gut. I called him the following Monday and told him that I wanted my money back and that I wouldn’t be purchesing a dog from him. At first Buck said he would give me my money back but it was one excuse after another…this is a slow time for me, I am waiting for the puppies to sell, to finally him telling me his truck and farm had been repossessed and that somehow I had cost him time and money. I sued Buck and twice he didn’t show up for the court date. I won a default judgement from him but have yet to get my $850 back from him. He still refusses to pay and claimed he is filling for bankruptcy and even told me it is not his fault he can’t pay his bills. Don’t do business with some one as unscrupulious as Buck Bucceri. He has proven that his is not to be trusted.

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