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Published: 18 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

am writing concerning a problem, a very big problem with Budget Car Rental Tamuning, located at A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam. As I was leaving Guam at 0750 am on Mar 27, 2011, I arrived at the airport at 0500 am. Immediately upon arriving at the airport, I go to turn in the key for my rental car. When I arrived at the counter, there was no one in attendance to accept the key. Since it was early and no one was at the counter, I then went to check in my bags. After checking in my bags (0600), I go back to the rental car checkout counter and again no one was there to receive the keys. I waited for over an hour and 30 min (0730)to turn in the key to no avail. I waited as long as I could before my plane departed but still no one showed up to receive the key and neither was there a visible drop box to leave the key secure. Therefore, I left the key on the counter and ran to the security check point to board my plane. I have the airline boarding pass to prove I left on March 27th. It was not until April 22, 2011, while checking to ensure the rental charge had been satisfied that I noticed $1,942.20 was debited from my account by Budget. Because of my military duties, I sent my first email to Budget on May 5, 2018 inquiring about these charges. I received a reply from Budget on May 6, 2018 informing me the car has not been checked in. My first thought was why did it take more than a month to discover one of your cars was missing when I only contracted the car for one week. I sent a response back on May 9, 2018 explaining what happened and that it was unprofessional for no one to be manning the counter and that I had no choice but to leave the key on the counter. I never received a response from Budget on my May 9th email which by the way is not a good way to do business. It seems strange to me that anyone besides someone who worked at the rental car agency could know which car to take or the location of the car. While disputing and awaiting a resolution and response on the $1,942.20 taken from my account, another charge of $2,736.95 was taken from my account on Jun 3, 2011. I tried to call repeatedly when those charges was taken, with no one answering the phone. I then sent another email on May 16th and did not get a response until May 21st stating they had found the car and that a police report will be emailed to me as soon as it is made available to them. This does not seem correct because if the car was found a report should have been sent to resolve the case. As of the date of this email, I still have not received a police report. To date, your company has behaved in a very unprofessional manner. You have taken exactly $4,679.15 from my account without bothering to contact me to ascertain what happened to the car nor did your company take into consideration what impact taking this much money from me will have on my financial situation or what other bills I may have to pay. Because of your unethical conduct, my house is in danger of being in foreclosure, my car is in danger of being repossed and my government travel card has not been paid which is putting my military career in jeopardy. This issue needs to be resolved and my money returned to me less what I actually need to pay for the original week I contracted. In hindsight, I could have handled this situation differently. I could have taken the key with me and mailed it back but as I have not been in such a situation before, I did not think. On the other hand, with people traveling locally and internationally, someone should have been manning the desk, which makes your company just as liable. This issue has taken 4 months to resolve. My finances are in chaos. I am getting charged bank fees left and right due to your company’s actions. As I am in Korea, I am appealing to you to give me my money back and resolve this issue. This matter is being handled unprofessionally by your company. You took my money on two separate occasions as if your company bares no responsibility or liability. Questions should be asked on your company’s part such as :1) WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO KNOW THIS CAR WAS MISSING AS I ONLY RESERVED IT FOR A WEEK.2) WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED IMMEDIATELY INSTEAD OF ALMOST A MONTH LATER (APRIL 22ND). ALL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION WAS GIVEN AT THE TIME OF THE RENTAL. THIS IS YOUR POLICY, RIGHT.3) WHY WAS I NOT INTERVIEWED BY THE POLICE. I WAS THE ONE WHO RENTED THE CAR AND HOW COULD AN EFFECTIVE INVESTIGATION BE CONDUCTED WITHOUT ME BEING QUESTIONED?4) WHY WAS MY MONEY TAKEN PRIOR TO A POLICE INVESTIGATION BEING CONDUCTED? MONEY WAS TAKEN PRIOR TO THE RESOLUTION TO THIS CASE. I need a quick resolution to this matter. If not, I have no other option but to seek legal recourse plus damages. I am not threatening your company. I am only looking at the facts as I have presented them and anyone, even a court of law, can see I am a victim here. I gave my credit card to rent a car with the understanding, the car would be checked for damages, and to insure the car was refilled and then my card would be charged only ONCE to satisfy my rental contract. In addition, if this is not resolved as quickly as possible, I will launch a campaign throughout the Military and the Civilian Sector so this will not happen to anyone else. I do not want to issue threats but I seem not to have any other recourse. I do not wish to damage or hurt your company’s reputation but I will do my best through letters and the media if need be to get a quick resolution. This whole situation is being handled shabbily. Your company, as a whole, is not to blame but the rental car people in Guam is not very cooperative. Please help me resolve this issue.

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