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Published: 28 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband sent a letter to Budget Truck Rental that explains our problems with the company…. PLEASE READ THE LETTER! DO NOT USE BUDGET!!! To Whom It May Concern, My name is Patrick. On Saturday, March 17, 2007, I rented a moving truck from your Thomasville, GA location. Although Duane, the man who very slowly and painstakingly typed my information into the computer, was the epitome of “friendly,” he accidentally ran my bank card twice. I noticed this and asked if I would be charged twice. He assured me with the confidence that only a man with no understanding of such things could have, that the first transaction had been cancelled, and I would only be charged once. I placed my faith in Duane’s ability to navigate the archaic computer program, and left with the truck. Upon arriving at home, I checked my online banking page, and lo-and-behold, I had been charged twice. Both charges were still in the Pending Transactions column at that time. My wife called customer service and explained the situation. The representative told her that the extra charge would most likely “fall off” by midnight. We checked the next morning, and it was still under Pending Transactions. Next, we called our bank, and they said it would process on the next business day. So, I checked on Monday, and it was still there. My wife called Budget again, and they said to wait until midnight to check it. On Tuesday morning I checked it, and both transactions had been processed. The cost of the truck was $570.64. That means I was charged $1141.28. Of course, I freaked out. At this point, I am over overdrawn in my account, and there are still other pending transactions to process. My wife immediately called customer service, and that’s where the drama began. She was told that the extra charge would be credited back to our account along with any overdraft charges as soon as we faxed them a bank statement proving the mishap. She was also told that we would not receive any of our $150 deposit because the truck was a day late. She hung up and called Bank of America. The bank representative told her that faxing bank statements was out of the question, since it violates the company’s security policy. She also told my wife that the bank could file a claim against Budget on our behalf. We opted to do so, and we will be receiving temporary funds from the bank in the amount of $570.64, and the overdraft charges will not be charged to us. I would assume this means that you now owe the bank that money instead of us. This brings me back to the business of my deposit. I then called customer service back and inquired as to why my deposit was being withheld when the charge for an extra day is only $56. The woman itemized the charges ( which came up to just over $102 ) and told me that I had been refunded the difference. I have yet to see this refund in my online banking statement. At this point, the whole ordeal has been going on for 4 days. I am in the middle of a move that has placed me 6 hours away from my starting location with no money until tomorrow, an impending start-date for my new job, hours of wasted time on the phone, and undue stress and anxiety over a matter that should have been smooth and uneventful. On top of that, the customer representative that we talked to ( Trena # 57747 ) was rude, impatient, and told my wife that they had no record of us calling over the weekend. Furthermore, Trena said that nothing would be done to compensate us for this ongoing headache and continued to argue vehemently with my wife loud enough for me to hear her voice coming from the phone on the other side of the room. She then transferred my wife to her superior ( Judy ), and my wife left a message on Judy’s voice mail describing what had happened and what we expected. I work for a corporation. I know how corporations work. I also know that events like this are generally handled with care and expedience, because all companies rely on a satisfied customer base to survive. The following is an excerpt from your website: Missiont We will consistently deliver a quality product, friendly service and great value that make customers confident that Budget is their best car rental choice. Valuest A commitment to great value for customers: We provide great service at a great price that clearly demonstrates to our customers that they received the best car rental value. We use new ideas and innovations to enhance service and increase customer satisfaction. We solve problems creatively, and take action on behalf of our customers. A focus on quality and service: We deliver quality work for the benefit of our customers and coworkers. We provide consistent and dependable service that exceeds expectations and creates loyal customers. We care each day about how our job affects the quality of the Budget product A deep pride in who we are and how we work: We always keep the highest personal standards of integrity and honesty. We assist others on our team and throughout the company. We share our talents, skills and knowledge to improve team performance. We communicate openly and honestly, and share great ideas. t I, personally, feel that all of the above has not been fulfilled. I would very much appreciate a response to this email, and I don’t feel like I’m asking too much from a multi-million dollar corporation when I request a full refund. I thank you for your time and concern. Sincerely, Patrick D. Ricker This letter was sent days ago and we still have not been contacted by anyone from Budget. BUDGET DID NOT PAY BACK THE $570.64 OVERCHARGE. My bank has assisted us with temporary funds, but NOTHING from BUDGET. We did NOT get the money for the deposit back, and they told us it had already been received by our bank. AT THIS POINT WE HAVE PAID OVER $1140 FOR A “BUDGET” TRUCK! DO NOT USE BUDGET!!! Melissa dalton, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Budget Car & Truck Rental

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