C.D.J. Auto Electric, Inc

C.D.J. Auto Electric, Inc

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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my car to CDJ Auto Electric on Broad Street in Hartford. They kept my car for almost three weeks, charged me almost $3,000 for all kinds of parts and labor. When I drove it off the lot, my gas gauge was broken through their mistake. When I took the car there it was fine. So my tank read empty even though it was full. Not even a week later(4 days to be exact), I was driving and the hood started smoking and spraying liquid, I then heard an explosion. When I stopped the car there was green fluid everywhere on my car and all over the street. I called them and they asked ME why did the car do that. I said, I don’t know, you are the mechanics! You kept my car for almost 3 weeks and now it exploded! They asked me to tow the car in and they would see what else I need. I asked them if they are charging me for this, they said yes. I then decided to just go to another mechanic recommended by a friend. It is just low and awful how they treated me. I am a single parent with many responsibilites, don’t know about cars, and these people had my car for weeks without any apology or cure and on top of it overcharged me. They should have been honest and told me they didn’t know what they were doing from the start. I took my car to another shop in Hartford. They said throgh the diagnostic that my engine fan was not working, which caused the hose and radiator to overheat and explode. They also said that this should have been picked up in tests. So. Long story short, CDJ DID NOT test my car properly, most likely had my car off to the side as they took care of other cars and treated me very badly as I waited for my car inconvenienced without a ride for weeks. Additional note, the tow truck driver said that he had several people had their cars towed to this shop and a day or two later had it towed to another shop. I wish I had known this before. PLEASE DO NOT USE CDJ AUTO ELECTRIC. I believe they are con artists and rip offs. Shame on you people. There are much better mechanics expecially in Hartford that have the same or even better equipment, will be quick, honest and beter prices.

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